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"Effortless cleaning for pet-friendly homes."

Shark IX141 Pet Review

Effortlessly tackle pet hair with the Shark IX141 Pet stick vacuum. Lightweight design, powerful suction, and versatile features make cleaning a breeze.

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Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet
Shark IX141 Pet


Stick vacuum cleaners have quickly become a staple in many households, thanks to their convenience and efficiency. The Shark IX141 Pet is a model designed specifically with pet owners in mind, offering a variety of features aimed at making pet hair cleanup a breeze. This vacuum promises to combine powerful suction, extended battery life, and user-friendly design to meet the needs of a busy family home.

The Shark IX141 Pet aims to simplify the often challenging task of keeping a home with pets tidy. While traditional vacuums can be bulky and difficult to maneuver, stick vacuums like this one offer a lightweight and portable solution. But does the Shark IX141 Pet truly deliver on its promises? We'll break down its design, performance, and other key aspects to give you a comprehensive understanding of what this vacuum has to offer. In the following sections, we’ll delve into its design and features, evaluate its cleaning ability, and assess how well it handles pet hair. We'll also take a close look at its battery life and maneuverability, essential factors for anyone considering a stick vacuum. For those interested in the technical side, we'll explore the filtration system and the range of accessories included in the package. By the end of this review, you should have a clear picture of whether the Shark IX141 Pet is the right fit for your cleaning needs, especially if you share your home with furry friends.

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Design and Features

The Shark IX141 Pet stick vacuum boasts a sleek and modern design, making it both visually appealing and functional. At just 7.5 pounds, it's lightweight and easy to handle, perfect for quick clean-ups and extended use without causing fatigue. The vacuum comes in a stylish dark grey color with accented details, giving it a contemporary look that fits well in any household.


The handle is ergonomically designed, providing a comfortable grip for prolonged use. This is particularly beneficial for pet owners who may need to vacuum frequently. The control buttons are conveniently located on the handle, allowing for easy switching between modes without interrupting your cleaning flow.


One of its standout features is the *Self-Cleaning Brushroll*. This technology helps to prevent hair wrap, ensuring that the vacuum remains efficient even when dealing with long hair or pet fur. Another significant feature is the multi-surface cleaning capability. The IX141 Pet is equipped with a high-speed brushroll that can transition seamlessly from carpets to hard floors.

LED Headlights

The vacuum's floor nozzle is fitted with bright LED headlights. These lights are not just a gimmick; they illuminate hidden debris and pet hair in dark corners or under furniture, making sure you don't miss a spot.

Convertible Design

Flexibility is another strength of the Shark IX141 Pet. It easily converts from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum, which is ideal for above-floor cleaning tasks. Whether you're tackling stairs, furniture, or even your car, this vacuum can adapt to your needs.


This model includes *Advanced Swivel Steering*, which enhances its maneuverability around furniture and other obstacles. Additionally, it features a *Clog-Resistant Technology* that ensures consistent suction power, reducing the likelihood of performance drop due to blockages.


When you're done vacuuming, the IX141 Pet's compact design allows for easy storage. It can stand on its own, or you can use the wall mount for convenient, out-of-the-way storage. In summary, the Shark IX141 Pet combines thoughtful design and innovative features to provide a versatile and user-friendly cleaning experience. The inclusion of a self-cleaning brushroll, LED headlights, and convertible functionality makes it a strong contender in the stick vacuum market.

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The performance of the Shark IX141 Pet stands out in several key areas, making it a reliable choice for various cleaning needs. Its powerful suction is one of the defining features, enabling it to effectively pick up both fine dust and larger debris from various floor types. Whether you're dealing with hardwood, tile, or carpet, the Shark IX141 delivers consistent performance.

The vacuum's MultiFLEX technology allows it to bend, facilitating easy cleaning under furniture and tight spaces often missed by other vacuums. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining a thorough cleaning routine without having to rearrange furniture. To further enhance its performance, the Shark IX141 Pet is equipped with HyperVelocity accelerated suction. This technology ensures a deep clean by maintaining robust suction power throughout its use. Users will find that the vacuum handles both daily messes and more intensive cleaning tasks with ease.

While the vacuum excels in general performance, it's worth noting that its brushroll comes with self-cleaning capabilities. This feature minimizes hair wrap and ensures the vacuum maintains optimal suction. It proves particularly beneficial for households with pets, as it reduces the need for frequent maintenance. In terms of noise levels, the Shark IX141 Pet operates at a fairly moderate volume. It's not the quietest option on the market, but it’s not excessively loud either. This balance makes it suitable for use without causing undue disturbance to other household activities. Overall, the Shark IX141 Pet's performance is characterized by its powerful suction, versatile cleaning capabilities, and practical features that enhance user convenience. Its ability to maintain strong suction power and effectively clean various surfaces ensures it lives up to the demands of a busy household.

Shark IX141 Pet

Battery Life

The Shark IX141 Pet offers a decent battery life, catering well to most household cleaning sessions. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it provides up to 40 minutes of runtime on a single charge. This duration is ample for quick cleanups and moderate-sized homes, but you might find it a bit limiting for larger areas or thorough deep-cleaning sessions. One thing to note is that the battery life can vary depending on the mode you're using. The vacuum has a standard mode and a boost mode for more intensive cleaning. While the standard mode helps you stretch the battery to its maximum potential, using the boost mode significantly reduces the runtime. So, it’s a balancing act between power and longevity.

Charging time is relatively standard, taking about 4 hours to go from empty to fully charged. This might seem lengthy if you're in need of a quick turnaround, so planning your cleaning sessions accordingly can help avoid interruptions. Given its cordless nature, the Shark IX141 Pet offers the flexibility to move around without being tethered to an outlet. However, the battery is not removable, which means you would need to pause your cleaning if the battery runs out mid-task. Overall, the battery life on the Shark IX141 Pet is satisfactory for typical everyday use, but if you have a larger home or multiple pets, you might find the need to recharge more frequently or opt for shorter cleaning bursts.

Shark IX141 Pet

Cleaning Ability

The Shark IX141 Pet truly impresses with its cleaning ability. It’s designed to tackle everyday messes across various surfaces. The handheld unit coupled with the motorized brush head ensures that dirt and debris are efficiently picked up. Whether it's on carpets, hardwood floors, or tiles, this vacuum seamlessly transitions without losing suction power. The vacuum's powerful motor generates ample suction, which is crucial for picking up both large debris and fine dust particles. One distinct feature is the multi-surface cleaning ability. The brush roll is engineered to handle different floor types, making it versatile in a household with mixed flooring.

The IX141 Pet has a notable edge when it comes to picking up pet hair, which we will discuss in greater detail in the pet hair removal section. Its effectiveness is partly due to the high-speed brush roll and strong suction. Another aspect worth mentioning is the vacuum's low profile. This allows it to reach under furniture where dust often accumulates. Its swivel steering makes maneuvering around obstacles a breeze, which is further detailed in the maneuverability section. In tests, the Shark IX141 Pet showed consistent performance without clogging. The dust cup's capacity is decent, reducing the frequency of emptying during extensive cleaning sessions. However, it's important to note that the dust cup should be emptied after each use to maintain optimal performance. Overall, the cleaning ability of the Shark IX141 Pet is strong and reliable, making it a valuable tool for maintaining a clean home environment.

Pet Hair Removal

Pet hair can be a real nuisance, especially if you have a furry friend that sheds a lot. The Shark IX141 Pet lives up to its name, offering effective pet hair removal capabilities. The combination of its powerful suction and specialized pet tools makes tackling pet hair on various surfaces much easier. The vacuum includes a motorized pet tool that is designed to lift stubborn pet hair from carpets, upholstery, and other fabrics. This tool is particularly useful if you have pets that like to lounge on the furniture. The strong bristles on the motorized brush agitate the fibers, dislodging embedded hair and dirt, which are then sucked into the vacuum with ease. The primary brush roll also features Shark's self-cleaning technology, which helps to minimize hair wrap around the brush. This means less maintenance for you, as you won't need to frequently stop and untangle hair from the brush roll. This feature is especially handy if you have long-haired pets or multiple animals.

When tested on different surfaces, the Shark IX141 Pet proved effective on both hard floors and carpets. It was able to pick up pet hair without scattering it around, thanks to its powerful suction and well-designed brush roll. The vacuum also performed well on area rugs and stairs, making it versatile for various cleaning needs. Another advantage is its lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry around the house. You can quickly move from room to room without feeling weighed down. This is especially helpful for those with larger homes or multiple floors to clean. Overall, the Shark IX141 Pet excels in pet hair removal, making it a valuable tool for pet owners. Its combination of powerful suction, specialized tools, and self-cleaning technology ensures that your home remains free of pet hair with minimal effort. For more detailed information on the vacuum's performance, check out the Performance and Cleaning Ability sections.

Shark IX141 Pet

Filtration System

The Shark IX141 Pet delivers a reliable filtration system that's designed to enhance air quality during and after vacuuming. It features a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which is instrumental in capturing fine dust particles and allergens. This is a noteworthy feature for households with allergy sufferers or pets. The HEPA filter works in tandem with the vacuum's cyclonic action, ensuring that even the tiniest debris doesn't escape back into your living space. Essentially, the cyclonic action separates large particles from fine dust, allowing the HEPA filter to focus on trapping microscopic allergens and pollutants. This dual-layered approach provides a comprehensive filtration process, making it particularly effective in homes with multiple pets.

Maintenance of the HEPA filter is straightforward. It can be easily removed and rinsed under water, then left to air dry before reinstallation. It's important to clean the filter regularly to maintain optimal performance and ensure longevity. This simple maintenance routine is a small tradeoff for the robust air purification it offers. While the Shark IX141 Pet might not have advanced filtration options like some high-end models, its system is efficient and practical for everyday use.

For those particularly sensitive to allergens, the combination of the HEPA filter and strong suction power ensures cleaner air and surfaces. In summary, the filtration system on the Shark IX141 Pet is both practical and effective, particularly for pet owners. It balances performance with ease of maintenance, ensuring your home environment remains as clean and allergen-free as possible.


The Shark IX141 Pet stands out when it comes to ease of navigation around the home. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to lift and carry, a feature that's especially handy when vacuuming stairs or moving from room to room. Weighing just under 8 pounds, it's not a burden to handle during extended cleaning sessions. One impressive aspect is the swivel steering capability. This allows the vacuum to glide effortlessly around corners and under furniture. The head of the vacuum can pivot, giving you greater control and enabling you to clean tight spaces with minimal effort. The compact size of the Shark IX141 Pet also aids in its maneuverability. Its slim profile can slide under low furniture like sofas and beds, which are common locations for dust bunnies and pet hair to accumulate. However, if you have exceptionally low clearance furniture, it might still require some pushing and adjusting.

The vacuum's ergonomic handle is designed for comfort, reducing strain on your wrist and arm during prolonged use. Users have noted that the placement of the controls on the handle is intuitive, so there's no need to pause and adjust settings while you're in the middle of a cleaning spree. However, the Shark IX141 Pet isn't entirely free of limitations. The brush roll, while effective, can sometimes struggle with high-pile carpets, making it slightly more challenging to push on these surfaces. If your home has mixed flooring, you'll find the vacuum performs best on low-pile carpets and hard floors. Overall, the Shark IX141 Pet offers a commendable balance of lightness and control, making it a reliable choice for both quick cleanups and more thorough house cleaning. Its ability to navigate around obstacles and reach tricky spots is one of the highlights, ensuring that no dust is left behind.

Shark IX141 Pet


The Shark IX141 Pet comes equipped with a set of practical accessories that enhance its versatility and make it a more valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal. Here's a closer look at what's included:

  • Crevice Tool: This narrow accessory is perfect for reaching tight spaces and corners that the main vacuum head might miss. Whether it's between couch cushions or along baseboards, the crevice tool ensures thorough cleaning.
  • Upholstery Tool: Designed specifically for furniture, this tool is gentle on fabrics while effectively removing dust, dirt, and pet hair. It's particularly handy for pet owners whose furry friends love lounging on the sofa.
  • Dusting Brush: This brush attachment is great for delicate surfaces such as blinds, lampshades, and shelves. The soft bristles gently lift dust without scratching surfaces, making it ideal for dusting items around the home.

These accessories attach easily to the vacuum, allowing for seamless transitions between different cleaning tasks. Additionally, they are compact and can be stored conveniently, ensuring they are always within reach when needed. While using these tools, it's noticeable how they contribute to the overall performance and convenience of the Shark IX141 Pet. The ability to switch between attachments quickly makes it an efficient solution for a variety of cleaning needs. In summary, the accessories that come with the Shark IX141 Pet add significant value, enhancing its practicality for everyday cleaning chores. For pet owners, these tools are particularly beneficial, helping to tackle pet hair on various surfaces with ease.

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What's in the Box

Upon unboxing the Shark IX141 Pet, you will find an array of components that complement its primary function as a stick vacuum. The vacuum itself arrives as the main unit, accompanied by a few essential attachments designed to enhance your cleaning experience. Included is the main vacuum body, which features a sleek and ergonomic design, optimized for both performance and comfort.

Alongside the body, you'll find the removable handheld vacuum that allows for versatile cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach areas. The package also includes a crevice tool. This attachment is perfect for getting into narrow spaces and corners, ensuring no dust or debris is left behind. Additionally, a multi-surface pet tool is provided, specifically designed to tackle pet hair on various surfaces, an essential feature for pet owners. You'll also find the dusting brush, which is ideal for delicate surfaces and helps in removing fine dust from furniture without causing any damage.

A standout accessory is the charging dock. This dock not only provides a convenient place for storage but also ensures that your vacuum is always ready for use. The power adapter included fits seamlessly into the dock and allows for easy charging. Lastly, the box contains an instruction manual. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on assembly, usage, and maintenance. It’s worth taking the time to read through it to fully understand the capabilities and care of your new vacuum. Each component is neatly packaged, making the unboxing process straightforward and enjoyable. For more information on the features and functions of these components, you can refer to the relevant sections such as Accessories and Performance in this review.


The Shark IX141 Pet offers a balanced mix of functionality and convenience, particularly for pet owners. With a sleek design and user-friendly features, it stands out in a crowded market. The lightweight build and swivel steering make it easy to maneuver around furniture and tight spaces, which is a big plus for busy households. One of the standout aspects is its performance.

The vacuum boasts impressive suction power, handling various floor types with ease. However, it is particularly exceptional at picking up pet hair, thanks to its specially designed brush roll. When paired with the effective filtration system, it ensures a cleaner, allergy-free home environment. battery life is solid, enabling a decent runtime that should suffice for most cleaning sessions. While it might not be the longest-lasting on the market, it's definitely adequate for regular use. The quick charging feature adds to its practicality, ensuring less downtime between cleaning tasks. In terms of accessories, the Shark IX141 Pet comes equipped with a variety of useful tools, enhancing its versatility. Whether you're tackling upholstery, stairs, or crevices, the included attachments make the job easier.

To sum it up, this vacuum is a strong contender for those looking for a reliable and efficient cleaning tool, especially pet owners dealing with constant shedding. It delivers on its promises and offers good value for money. If you're in the market for a stick vacuum that excels in pet hair removal and offers a user-friendly experience, the Shark IX141 Pet is worth considering.

Pros & cons


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Self-Cleaning Brushroll
  • Multi-surface cleaning capability
  • LED headlights for better visibility
  • Convertible design for versatility


  • Short battery life
  • Not ideal for high-pile carpets
  • May struggle with large debris
  • Non-removable battery
  • Not the quietest option

Technical specifications

Product Name Shark IX141 Pet
Model IX141
Product Type Vacuum Cleaner
Usage Pet Hair Cleaning
Power Source Battery
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Battery Life Up to 40 minutes
Weight 7.5 lbs
Filtration System HEPA
Special Features Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, Swivel Steering, LED Headlights