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"Efficient cleaning with reliable performance."

Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 Review

The Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 blends powerful suction and ease of use in a compact design. Ideal for various surfaces, it features advanced filtration and versatile accessories.

Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853


The Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 is a traditional vacuum cleaner that aims to provide powerful cleaning capabilities in a compact design. This model is part of Rowenta's well-regarded lineup, known for their reliability and performance. It is designed for those who seek a blend of strong suction power and ease of use, without having to compromise on storage space.

Featuring advanced filtration and a range of useful accessories, the RO4853 is positioned as a versatile option suitable for various cleaning tasks around the home. Whether you have carpets, hardwood floors, or need to tackle pet hair, this vacuum cleaner promises to deliver efficient results.

In this review, we'll delve into the specifics of its design, performance, and other key features to help you determine if the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 is the right choice for your cleaning needs.

Design and Build Quality

The Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 is designed with practicality and durability in mind. At first glance, its sleek and modern aesthetics stand out, making it a visually appealing addition to any household. Its compact form is engineered to offer maximum storage efficiency, fitting easily into small spaces without compromising on performance.

The vacuum features a robust construction, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The outer casing is made of high-quality plastic that can withstand daily use and occasional bumps and knocks. The build quality feels solid, without any flimsy parts that might break over time.

One of the most convenient aspects of its design is the ergonomic handle, which makes carrying and maneuvering the vacuum around the house quite effortless. The handle is well-padded, providing a comfortable grip, reducing strain on your hands during prolonged usage.

The telescopic metal tube is another highlight, offering adjustable length to suit various cleaning needs, from floors to ceilings. This feature ensures that you can easily clean hard-to-reach places without having to bend or stretch uncomfortably. The tube itself is sturdy and clicks securely into place, eliminating the worry of it collapsing midway during use.

Another thoughtful design element is the large, easy-to-empty dust container. With a capacity of 2.5 liters, it allows for extended cleaning sessions without frequent interruptions to dispose of dirt and debris. The transparent container also lets you see when it’s time for emptying, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

The vacuum moves smoothly thanks to its large rear wheels and a 360-degree rotating front wheel, enhancing maneuverability around furniture and tight corners. The wheels are crafted from a material that glides gently across different floor types, preventing any scratches or damage.

Overall, the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 impresses with its thoughtful design and sturdy build quality, making it a reliable choice for households seeking a balance between style and functionality.

Performance and Suction Power

The Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 excels in delivering robust performance with its powerful motor. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 750W motor, which is designed to ensure deep and thorough cleaning across various surfaces. Whether you are tackling thick carpets or delicate hardwood floors, the suction power remains consistently strong.

One of the standout features of this model is its multi-cyclonic technology. This advanced system ensures that dust and debris are separated efficiently, preventing clogs and maintaining peak performance over time. The vacuum’s high-efficiency suction is particularly effective in capturing fine particles, making it ideal for households with pets or allergy sufferers.

The unit offers adjustable suction settings, allowing you to customize the intensity based on the type of surface you are cleaning. This versatility is beneficial for extending the life of delicate fabrics and ensuring optimal results on tougher surfaces. Additionally, the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 performs exceptionally well in edge cleaning, effortlessly reaching corners and baseboards where dirt often accumulates.

In summary, the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 combines potent suction with innovative technology to provide a superior cleaning experience. Its ability to maintain consistent suction across different surfaces and tackle fine particles ensures it stands out in the crowded market of traditional vacuum cleaners.

Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853

Filtration System

The Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 boasts an advanced filtration system designed to keep your home environment clean and allergen-free. This vacuum cleaner utilizes a high-efficiency filtration system combining three levels of filtration, ensuring that even the finest dust particles are captured.

First, the primary filter assists in trapping larger debris and dust. The second stage includes a foam filter which captures medium-sized particles. Lastly, the third stage involves a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that captures up to 99.98% of fine dust particles and allergens, making it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

These multiple layers work together to ensure the air expelled back into your room is significantly cleaner. The HEPA filter is especially noteworthy as it captures minute particles that can often trigger respiratory issues and allergies.

Additionally, the filters are designed for easy maintenance. The HEPA filter and foam filter can be washed and reused, reducing the need for frequent replacements. This not only helps in maintaining optimal performance but also makes the vacuum a more environmentally friendly option.

For those concerned about maintaining indoor air quality, the effective filtration system of the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 is a key feature. It helps to ensure that the vacuuming process does not just move dust around but actually contributes to a cleaner, healthier living space.

Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853

Ease of Use

The Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 is designed with user convenience in mind. Weighing in at a manageable weight, maneuvering this vacuum through various spaces is effortless. Its compact size allows for easy storage, even in smaller closets or tight spaces.

One of the standout features is the ergonomic handle, which provides a comfortable grip and reduces hand strain during extended cleaning sessions. The inclusion of large wheels further enhances mobility, allowing smooth transitions across different floor types such as carpet, tile, and hardwood.

The vacuum’s control panel is straightforward, with intuitive buttons for power and suction adjustments. This ensures that users of all tech savviness can operate the machine without fuss. Additionally, the power cord is sufficiently long, meaning fewer interruptions to switch between power outlets when cleaning larger rooms.

An automatic cord rewind function adds to the user-friendly design, making it quick and easy to store away the vacuum without hassle. The dust container is transparent, allowing users to see when it needs emptying, which is a simple process thanks to the easy-release mechanism.

For those with multi-level homes, the vacuum’s lightweight build is a significant advantage, making it less cumbersome to carry up and down stairs. Overall, the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 excels in providing a seamless and comfortable cleaning experience.

Accessories and Attachments

The Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 comes equipped with a variety of accessories and attachments designed to make your cleaning tasks more efficient and versatile. Each attachment is thoughtfully crafted to tackle different surfaces and cleaning scenarios.

One of the standout accessories is the high-efficiency suction head. This tool excels at picking up dirt and debris from both carpets and hard floors. Its design allows for deeper penetration into carpet fibers, ensuring a thorough clean.

Another notable attachment is the crevice tool. Ideal for those hard-to-reach areas, such as corners and tight spaces between furniture, it helps you remove dust and dirt that often go unnoticed with standard vacuum heads.

The upholstery brush, included in the package, is perfect for cleaning fabric surfaces like sofas, chairs, and even curtains. It features soft bristles that are gentle on delicate fabrics yet effective in removing dirt and pet hair.

For pet owners, the inclusion of a mini turbo brush is a game-changer. This attachment is specifically engineered to tackle pet hair and dander, making it easier to maintain a clean home despite shedding pets.

A parquet brush is also part of the accessory kit. This brush is designed to glide smoothly over hard floors, such as wood or tile, without causing scratches or damage. Its soft bristles ensure that your floors are cleaned effectively yet gently.

Additionally, the telescopic wand provides flexibility and reach, making it easier to clean high or low areas without straining. It's adjustable, allowing you to extend or retract it based on your cleaning needs.

Overall, the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853's variety of accessories and attachments enhances its usability and adaptability, allowing you to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks with ease and efficiency.

Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853

Noise Level

One of the notable aspects of the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 is its noise level. Vacuum cleaners can often be quite loud, which is a common complaint among users. Thankfully, this model manages to keep the noise to a reasonable level, making it a more pleasant option for household cleaning.

The Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 operates at approximately 75 decibels, which is quieter than many traditional vacuum cleaners. This is beneficial for families with small children, pets that are sensitive to sound, or anyone who just appreciates a quieter cleaning environment. The reduced noise level does not compromise its performance, ensuring that you still get the powerful suction needed for thorough cleaning without the disturbance of excessive noise.

This vacuum cleaner's noise reduction is achieved through a well-designed motor and sound-dampening materials. These features work together to minimize the high-pitched whine that is often associated with vacuum cleaners. While it’s not completely silent, it is certainly more tolerable during extended cleaning sessions.

In summary, the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 strikes a good balance between performance and noise reduction. It allows you to clean effectively without causing undue disruption, making it a strong contender for those who prioritize a quieter household appliance.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintaining and cleaning the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 is straightforward, making it a convenient choice for busy households. The vacuum cleaner features a bagless design, which simplifies the maintenance process significantly.

The dust container has a capacity of 2.5 liters, which means fewer trips to the trash can. When it does need emptying, the process is quick and hygienic. Simply detach the container, open the lid, and dispose of the contents. The transparent design helps you easily monitor the fill level.

The HEPA filter is washable, offering long-term cost savings. To clean it, remove the filter and rinse it under cold water. Make sure it is completely dry before reattaching it to avoid any dampness that might affect the vacuum's performance.

Regularly inspecting and cleaning the brush roll and other attachments is also crucial. Hair and debris can get tangled, reducing efficiency. Use a pair of scissors or a specialized cleaning tool to remove any tangled material from the brush roll.

Additionally, Rowenta recommends periodic checks of the vacuum's hose and nozzles for any blockages. Clearing these can enhance suction power and prolong the device's lifespan.

Lastly, the exterior of the vacuum can be wiped down with a damp cloth to keep it looking new. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as these could damage the finish.

Overall, the maintenance requirements for the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 are minimal, ensuring it remains a user-friendly appliance over time.

Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853

Energy Efficiency

The Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 stands out for its impressive energy efficiency, making it a smart choice for environmentally conscious users. With a power consumption that is optimized to provide strong suction while using less electricity, this model aims to balance performance with sustainability.

Equipped with an energy-efficient motor, the RO4853 ensures that each watt is used effectively. The motor operates at a lower power rating without compromising on suction power, which results in reduced energy use during operation. This efficiency not only cuts down on electricity bills but also contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.

Moreover, the vacuum cleaner is rated with an energy efficiency class of A, which is a testament to its low energy consumption. The design focuses on minimizing power wastage, ensuring that the maximum amount of energy is converted into effective suction. This is particularly beneficial for households that prioritize energy savings.

Overall, the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 is designed to be an energy-efficient appliance, offering high performance while keeping electricity use in check. This balance makes it an excellent option for those looking to clean their homes effectively without significantly impacting their energy consumption.

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What's in the Box

What's in the Box

Opening the packaging of the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 reveals a well-organized ensemble of components and accessories that ensure you are ready to start cleaning right away.

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 Vacuum Cleaner: The main unit, featuring a robust design and compact build quality for ease of storage and use.
  • Standard Floor Head: A versatile attachment suitable for both carpets and hard floors, providing efficient cleaning performance across various surfaces.
  • Parquet Brush: A specialized tool designed for delicate floors, ensuring gentle yet effective cleaning.
  • Crevice Tool: Ideal for reaching tight spaces and corners that are typically hard to clean with standard heads.
  • Upholstery Tool: Perfect for vacuuming furniture, drapes, and other fabric surfaces without causing damage.
  • Dusting Brush: Great for dusting shelves, lampshades, and other surfaces where a softer touch is needed.
  • Telescopic Metal Tube: Adjustable for comfortable use, allowing you to reach high or low areas without strain.
  • Flexible Hose: Provides extended reach and flexibility, making it easier to navigate around furniture and other obstacles.
  • Instruction Manual: Comprehensive guidelines to help you set up and use your new vacuum cleaner effectively.

All the accessories come neatly packaged, ensuring nothing is missing or damaged during transit. Each component is essential for the vacuum's functionality, giving you a wide range of options for various cleaning tasks.


The Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 offers a compelling mix of performance and convenience in a compact form. Its robust suction power ensures thorough cleaning, making it a reliable choice for various floor types and surfaces. The advanced filtration system effectively captures dust and allergens, promoting a healthier home environment.

Its thoughtful design and build quality strike a balance between durability and ease of use. The ergonomic handle and lightweight construction make maneuvering effortless, even in tight spaces. The vacuum's intuitive controls and practical features contribute to a user-friendly experience, appealing to both novices and seasoned users alike.

While the noise level might be a consideration for some, its overall performance and efficiency make it a worthwhile trade-off. The array of accessories and attachments included add versatility, catering to different cleaning needs and preferences. Moreover, the straightforward maintenance and cleaning process extend the device's lifespan, ensuring long-term satisfaction.

Energy efficiency is another standout feature, aligning with modern standards for eco-friendly appliances. In summary, the Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853 is a well-rounded traditional vacuum cleaner that delivers on its promises, offering excellent value for money. Whether you are dealing with daily dust or more intensive cleaning tasks, this model is equipped to handle it all with ease and efficiency.

Pros & cons


  • Powerful suction
  • Adjustable suction settings
  • Efficient filtration system
  • Variety of useful attachments


  • Noise level may be noticeable

Technical specifications

Product Name Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4853
Power 550 watts
Dust Capacity 2.5 liters
Filtration System Cyclonic technology with HEPA filter
Cord Length 6 meters
Weight 4.2 kg
Accessories Crevice tool, upholstery brush, dusting brush
Dimensions (L x W x H) 28.7 x 41.5 x 24.7 cm