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"Effortless cleaning with innovative design."

Miele Triflex HX2 Racer Review

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer, a versatile 3-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner designed for modern homes.

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Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Miele Triflex HX2 Racer

About the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer

Welcome to the new era of convenience and efficiency in the vacuum cleaner industry, presenting the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer. This innovative stick vacuum cleaner is a result of the relentless pursuit of perfection by Miele, an esteemed German manufacturer known for its high-end home appliances.

The Miele Triflex HX2 Racer is a versatile 3-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner that is designed to match every cleaning need in your home. Miele has made a significant leap forward in the vacuum cleaner market by introducing a model that is not only functional and efficient, but also elegant and user-friendly. The Triflex HX2 Racer is a perfect blend of innovation, technology, and design aesthetics that offers a comprehensive cleaning solution for modern homes.

As the name suggests, the Triflex HX2 Racer is built on the Triflex 3-in-1 design principle, which allows for maximum flexibility during use. This ingenious design enhances the appliance’s functionality by allowing it to transform into three different configurations to suit various cleaning situations. For more details on this, please refer to the subheading "Design and Build Quality".

Other standout features of the Triflex HX2 Racer include its robust battery life, exceptional suction power, and easy maneuverability, all of which translate to a seamless and efficient cleaning experience. The specifics of these features will be discussed in their respective sections.

Miele has always been associated with quality, and the Triflex HX2 Racer is no exception. From the build quality to the performance and from the design to the ease of use, the Triflex HX2 Racer demonstrates Miele's commitment to quality and innovation.

In the next sections, we will delve deeper into the various aspects of the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer, including its design, performance, battery life, ease of use, and maintenance, among others. This comprehensive review aims to provide detailed insights into what makes the Triflex HX2 Racer an excellent choice for your home cleaning needs.

Design and Build Quality

The Miele Triflex HX2 Racer brings an innovative touch to the field of stick vacuum cleaners with its design. Built with an attention to detail characteristic of Miele products, this stick vacuum cleaner boasts a premium, high-quality build. The materials used feel robust and are certainly not prone to easy damage. The aesthetic is sleek and modern with a unique combination of grey and red colors - a design that's both functional and pleasing to the eye.

One of the standout aspects of the Triflex HX2 Racer's design is its unique 3-in-1 configuration. This design allows for a high level of flexibility and adaptability, enabling the vacuum to cater to a variety of cleaning tasks. Depending on the layout of the area being cleaned or the specific requirements of a cleaning task, this vacuum may be transformed from a compact handheld unit to an upright stick vacuum. It can also be configured to have the main power unit near the floor for maximum maneuverability and ease.

The vacuum also features a bright LED light at its cleaning head. This is a thoughtful addition as it greatly enhances visibility during cleaning, especially in dimly lit areas or under furniture. It's worth noting that the LED light is energy-efficient and doesn't significantly impact the battery life of the vacuum cleaner.

The Triflex HX2 Racer comes with an Electrobrush with Brilliant Light. This electrically driven brush has a broad cleaning path and a direct connection to the power unit for optimal cleaning performance. The rotating brush effectively picks up dust and dirt from all types of flooring, from hard floors to high pile carpets.

Furthermore, the ergonomics of the design have been carefully considered. The handle is comfortable to hold and use, even for extended periods. This is aided by the vacuum's lightweight nature, which reduces fatigue during use. The vacuum also features an easy-lock system that allows quick and convenient access to the dust container and filter.

To sum up, the design and build quality of the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer are top-notch. It's a well-engineered product that combines flexibility, effectiveness, and user-friendliness in a sleek, robust package. No matter the cleaning task at hand, this vacuum cleaner's design ensures it is well-suited to get the job done.

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Key Features and Specifications

The Miele Triflex HX2 Racer is a unique stick vacuum cleaner that comes with a 3-in-1 design, offering immense flexibility and convenience. It enables you to configure the vacuum cleaner according to your cleaning needs, whether it's ground-level cleaning, cleaning large areas, or reaching up high.

One of the standout features of the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer is its Vortex Technology, providing powerful suction across all surfaces. This technology enables the vacuum cleaner to achieve an impressive air flow of more than 100km/h, ensuring deep cleaning and efficient dirt pick-up.

The Triflex HX2 uses a HEPA Lifetime Filter, which is known for its high-efficiency performance. This allows the vacuum cleaner to retain and trap 99.999% of all minute particles, making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

It also comes with a ComfortTwister, the Miele-exclusive swivel joint that ensures maximum maneuverability. This feature lets the vacuum cleaner swivel easily around obstacles like furniture or toys, making your cleaning job much easier and faster.

Another key feature of the Miele HX2 Racer is its Extra Wide Electrobrush. With a width of 28cm, it covers a larger surface area for faster cleaning. The brush is also equipped with BrilliantLight - front-facing LED lights to help you see and clean dark corners or under furniture with ease.

This stick vacuum cleaner boasts a Hygiene Lifetime Filter which is maintenance-free and hence, eliminates the need for regular filter changes. It also comes with a Twist2open feature which allows you to empty the dust container with a single twist, making it a breeze to maintain.

The Miele Triflex HX2 Racer also offers multiple battery modes. The Eco mode is ideal for less intensive cleaning and longer battery life, while the Max mode provides high power for intensive cleaning. In addition, there is Auto mode which automatically adjusts the power level based on the surface being cleaned.

Finally, as for specifications, this vacuum cleaner weighs 4.1 kg, making it lightweight for easy handling. It comes with a battery operating time of up to 60 minutes (in Eco mode), and its charging time is around 4 hours. Also, the vacuum cleaner's sound power level is 80 dB, making it relatively quiet for daily use.

Miele Triflex HX2 Racer

What's in the Box

With the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer, you get a comprehensive package that encompasses a range of accessories designed to facilitate a superior cleaning experience. Let's delve into the contents of the box and explore what each component has to offer.

First and foremost, you'll find the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer stick vacuum cleaner itself. This is a sleek and well-built device, crafted with precision to embody Miele's renowned quality and performance.

Next, in line is the Electric PowerUnit, which hosts the battery and the motor. This is the heart of the vacuum cleaner, offering high performance suction power for efficient cleaning across various surfaces.

Accompanying the PowerUnit is the Triflex PowerBrush. This electric brush features an automatic floor detection system, making it adaptable to different types of flooring. This unique feature will be discussed in greater detail in the "Performance and Suction Power" section of this review.

The package also includes a Hygiene Lifetime Filter. This filter ensures fine dust and allergens are trapped, making the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer suitable for individuals with allergies.

You'll also find a Wall Bracket for comfortable storage of the vacuum and its accessories. This is a thoughtful addition, as it allows you to keep everything organized and readily available for your next cleaning session.

Additionally, there are three handy attachments - a Upholstery Nozzle, a Crevice Nozzle, and a Dusting Brush. These accessories enable you to clean different surfaces and hard-to-reach areas effectively.

Last but not least, the package contains the Power Supply Unit for recharging your Miele Triflex HX2 Racer. We will explore more about the battery life and charging in the respective section of this review.

Overall, the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer comes with a complete set of high-quality accessories that enhance its versatility and performance. Whether you need to clean carpets, hard floors, or handle intricate cleaning tasks, this stick vacuum cleaner is well-equipped to handle it all.

Miele Triflex HX2 Racer

Performance and Suction Power

The Miele Triflex HX2 Racer is a powerhouse when it comes to vacuuming performance and suction power. This stick vacuum cleaner utilizes Miele’s patented Vortex technology, providing a top suction power of 1700W, which ensures that no crumb or dust particle is left behind. Whether you're tackling hardwood floors or thick carpets, the Triflex HX2 Racer is up to the task, delivering consistent performance across a variety of surfaces.

Miele has integrated a thorough, 3-stage cleaning system into this model. The first stage involves the separation of coarse soilage and fine dust in different containers, thus improving the vacuum's cleaning efficiency. The second stage involves the finer particles being trapped inside the dust box, while the final stage ensures the air discharged is cleaner than the room air.

What sets the Triflex HX2 Racer apart from its competitors is its ability to handle pet hair with ease. This is thanks to the Electrobrush, which operates at approximately 14,000 oscillations per minute, ensuring deep cleaning and effective pet hair removal. The brush is also self-cleaning, which significantly reduces the hassle of removing tangled hair.

One of the standout features of this model is its ability to adapt to different cleaning scenarios through its three different cleaning modes: Comfort mode for easy handling, Reach mode for high surfaces, and Compact mode for quick clean-ups. This flexibility in cleaning modes, coupled with the powerful suction, makes the Triflex HX2 a versatile cleaning tool.

The efficiency of a vacuum cleaner is not only determined by its suction power but also by its filtration system. The Triflex HX2 Racer does not disappoint in this regard. It comes with a lifetime HEPA filter, which traps at least 99.999% of even the smallest particles, including fine dust and allergens, making the vacuum a perfect choice for people with allergies.

In conclusion, the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer offers unparalleled suction power and performance, making it a worthy investment for those in search of a reliable stick vacuum cleaner.

Battery Life and Charging

One of the key features of a good stick vacuum cleaner is its battery life and charging system. The Miele Triflex HX1 Racer offers a robust battery system that's noteworthy for its longevity and quick charging time.

The Miele Triflex HX1 Racer is powered by a replaceable Lithium-ion battery, which provides an impressive run time of up to 60 minutes on the lowest power setting. This is enough to clean a medium to large-sized home in one go, making it a strong contender in the stick vacuum market. The run time decreases to around 34 minutes on the medium setting and 17 minutes on the maximum power setting. However, these times are still quite impressive and compete well when compared to other cleaners in this category.

Miele's Charge4Ever technology enables the device to be charged in any position. This liberates users from having to find the perfect position or angle to ensure the vacuum is charging. The innovative charging system includes a wall mount that holds the vacuum and charges it simultaneously, making it easy to store and ready to use whenever required. The battery takes approximately 4 hours to fully recharge, which is relatively quick for a vacuum cleaner of this calibre.

Interestingly, the Triflex HX1 Racer has a unique feature: the replaceable battery system. This allows users to swap out a spent battery for a fresh one, effectively doubling the device's run-time. For larger homes or professional cleaning situations, this feature can be a game-changer. However, it's worth noting that the additional battery must be purchased separately.

In summary, the battery life and charging features of the Miele Triflex HX1 Racer are:

  • Long-lasting battery life: Up to 60 minutes on the lowest setting.
  • Quick charging time: Takes approximately 4 hours to fully recharge.
  • Convenient charging options: With the Charge4Ever system and wall mount, the vacuum can be charged in any position.
  • Replaceable battery system: Allows for extended run-time with an additional battery (sold separately).

These features make the Miele Triflex HX1 Racer an effective and convenient cleaning solution for both small apartments and larger homes. The replaceable battery system in particular sets this stick vacuum apart from its peers, offering a level of convenience and flexibility rarely seen in this category of cleaners.

Miele Triflex HX2 Racer

Ease of Use and Maneuverability

The Miele Triflex HX2 Racer is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. From its ergonomic design to its straightforward controls, it's clear that this stick vacuum is meant to make the cleaning process as hassle-free as possible. With a comfortable grip and easily accessible controls, switching between cleaning modes is a breeze. The controls are intuitively designed, eliminating the need for a steep learning curve. Just a simple push of a button can transition you from carpet to hardwood floors, making it ideal for homes with various floor types.

Maneuverability is another area where the Triflex HX2 Racer stands out. The vacuum is designed with a 3-in-1 versatility feature. This unique design allows it to be used in three formats: a handheld vacuum for quick spot cleanings, a stick vacuum for general cleaning, and a high-reaching cleaner for hard-to-reach areas. This flexibility greatly enhances its maneuverability, allowing you to clean in tight corners, under furniture, and above floor surfaces with ease. The device is also fairly lightweight, making it easy to transport from one room to another.

One notably convenient feature is its ability to stand upright independently. Not all stick vacuums have this feature, and it's a practical addition that makes storage and quick breaks during cleaning much easier. There’s no need to find a wall to lean it against or worry about it falling over.

The Triflex HX2 Racer also features an automatic self-cleaning function. This feature is particularly useful as it ensures that the vacuum maintains optimal performance during its use by automatically cleaning the brush roll as it vacuums. This self-cleaning action reduces the amount of user intervention required and allows for a more seamless cleaning experience.

In conclusion, the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer scores high points in terms of ease of use and maneuverability. Its simple controls, versatile design, and practical features contribute to a user-friendly experience. Whether you're dealing with tight corners, multiple floor types, or simply need a quick spot cleaning, this vacuum has you covered.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The Miele Triflex HX2 Racer has been designed with a consideration for easy maintenance and cleaning, making it user-friendly even in this regard. Despite its sophisticated technology, the device requires minimal effort to maintain its optimal performance.

Starting off, the dust bin is simple to empty. To do this, you only need to remove the dust bin from the unit and empty its contents into a trash bin. This process is designed to be hygienic, reducing the amount of dust that could potentially escape back into your environment.

The components of the vacuum, particularly the filters, also need routine cleaning. The Triflex HX2 Racer comes with a washable HEPA Lifetime Filter, which traps the finest dust particles, allergens and particles that can be harmful to your health. To clean this filter, simply remove it from its compartment, rinse it under running water, and let it dry completely before reinstalling it. This not only ensures an efficient filtration system, but also saves you from the recurring cost of replacement filters.

Moreover, this Miele stick vacuum cleaner has a self-cleaning feature for its Electrobrush. This tool has an automatic cleaning function that removes hair and threads wrapped around it. The brush roll can also be manually removed for a more thorough cleaning or replacement if necessary.

The unit's exterior can likewise be wiped clean easily. Using a damp cloth, you can gently clean the surfaces of your Triflex HX2 Racer. It's essential to keep the device dry and store it properly to maintain its aesthetic appeal and longevity.

To sum up, here's the cleaning and maintenance routine for the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer:

  • Empty the dust bin regularly
  • Clean the Lifetime Filter under running water and allow it to dry completely
  • Let the Electrobrush self-clean or manually remove it for a thorough cleaning
  • Wipe the exterior of the unit with a damp cloth
  • Ensure the device is dry before storing

The simplicity and straightforwardness of maintaining the Triflex HX2 Racer further enhance its user-friendly nature and its appeal as a top-quality, high-performance stick vacuum cleaner. This ease of maintenance, combined with its superior cleaning performance, definitely add to the overall value of this Miele product.

Miele Triflex HX2 Racer

Comparison with Similar Products

When it comes to stick vacuum cleaners, it's an incredibly competitive field, with numerous high-quality options on the market. In this regard, the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer faces stiff competition from the likes of Dyson's V11 and the Tineco Pure One S12. Let's delve into how it compares to these two heavyweights in the industry.

Starting off with the Dyson V11, one of the most popular stick vacuum cleaners around, the Triflex HX2 Racer holds its own quite well. Both cleaners feature flexible configurations and strong suction power. However, the Miele model edges out the Dyson with its innovative 3-in-1 design, something the V11 doesn't have. The Triflex HX2 Racer also has a more rugged and durable build, which gives it an advantage in terms of longevity. Nevertheless, the Dyson V11 boasts a real-time battery life countdown, which some may find more useful than the three-stage battery indicator on the Miele.

Moving onto the Tineco Pure One S12, another top competitor in the stick vacuum cleaner market. This vacuum cleaner sets itself apart with its smart suction optimization, which automatically adjusts suction based on the level of dirt. Despite this, the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer outshines the Tineco model in terms of versatility. The Miele's 3-in-1 design is a true game changer, allowing the user to customize the vacuum for different cleaning tasks. Additionally, the Miele model has a more traditional bagless design, which can make debris disposal easier and less messy compared to the Tineco's dustbin.

In summary, while the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer does face tough competition, it holds its own remarkably well. Its innovative 3-in-1 design and robust build quality set it apart in the crowded market of stick vacuum cleaners. Here is a brief comparison:

  • Design: Miele's 3-in-1 design offers more versatility than both Dyson and Tineco.
  • Build Quality: The robust build of the Miele model arguably surpasses that of Dyson and Tineco.
  • Suction Power: All three vacuums offer strong suction, but Dyson and Tineco feature more advanced suction control.
  • Battery Life: Dyson provides a real-time countdown, while Miele and Tineco offer three-stage indicators.
  • Debris Disposal: Miele's traditional bagless design may be preferred by those who find the Tineco's dustbin messy.

That said, the choice between these three depends largely on personal preferences and specific cleaning needs. You may refer back to the 'Key Features and Specifications' section for more detailed information about the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer.

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Conclusion and Verdict.

In conclusion, the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer sets a high benchmark in the realm of stick vacuum cleaners. Its innovative design, robust build quality, high-performance suction power, and flexible usage options make it an unbeatable option for many households.

In terms of design and build quality, the Triflex HX2 Racer leads the pack. The unique 3-in-1 design provides remarkable versatility, allowing it to effortlessly transition between different cleaning tasks. The durable materials used in its construction ensure it can withstand rigorous long-term use, a testament to Miele's renowned quality.

As for its key features and specifications, the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer stands out with its powerful Vortex technology, effective HEPA filtration system, and extensive range of accessories. These features contribute to a vacuuming experience that is efficient, hygienic, and tailored to individual cleaning needs.

The Triflex HX2 Racer's performance is exceptional. Its powerful suction capabilities, coupled with its efficient brush layout, ensure effective dirt pick-up on various surfaces. However, like most vacuums, performance can slightly dip when dealing with larger debris.

The vacuum's power management is equally impressive. Its Li-ion battery provides a decent runtime, and is conveniently removable for easy charging. Yet, it's worth noting that the runtime might be limited when using the vacuum at its highest power setting.

The ease of use and maneuverability of the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer is another of its strong points. It's easy to handle, lightweight, and capable of reaching tricky spots with ease. Also, the conversion process to different modes (Reach, Comfort, Compact) is simple and hassle-free.

For maintenance and cleaning, the vacuum has a self-cleaning function and its components are easy to disassemble and clean. However, the filter might require frequent cleaning in homes with heavy dirt or pet hair.

Compared to similar products in the market, the Miele Triflex HX2 Racer distinguishes itself with its superior quality, performance, and versatility. While it's pricier than many other stick vacuums, the benefits it offers make it a worthwhile investment.

Verdict: The Miele Triflex HX2 Racer is an excellent choice for anyone seeking performance, versatility, and durability in a stick vacuum cleaner. Despite its relatively high price, the value it offers justifies the cost. This vacuum is a prime example of Miele's commitment to quality, and it's an investment that is likely to serve you well for many years.

Pros & cons


  • Powerful suction
  • 3-in-1 design
  • Long battery life
  • HEPA filter
  • Easy maneuverability


  • Pricey compared to competitors
  • May struggle with large debris
  • Filter may require frequent cleaning
  • Runtime limited on highest power
  • Additional battery sold separately

Technical specifications

Product Name Miele Triflex HX2 Racer
Brand Miele
Model Triflex HX2 Racer
Type Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Life Up to 60 minutes
Charging Time Approximately 4 hours
Weight 3.6 kg
Dustbin Capacity 0.5 L
Filter Type HEPA Lifetime Filter
Power 170W
Dimensions 129.7 x 28.1 x 26 cm
Special Features 3-in-1 Design for flexibility, Automatic self-cleaning function, Electrobrush for all types of flooring