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Dyson V11 Fluffy Review

Uncover the impressive Dyson V11 Fluffy stick vacuum's top-tier performance, exceptional cleaning efficiency, and superior filtration system.

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Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy
Dyson V11 Fluffy


Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Dyson V11 Fluffy, a top-of-the-line stick vacuum cleaner that has caused a significant stir in the home cleaning market. The Dyson brand, recognized for its ground-breaking and innovative products, appears to have outdone themselves this time around with the V11 Fluffy. Offering an extraordinary combination of power, functionality, and convenience, this stick vacuum cleaner promises to take your home cleaning routine to a whole new level.

Given that stick vacuums are becoming a preferred choice for many households due to their lightweight design and ease of use, it’s essential to scrutinize the merits and drawbacks of each model thoroughly. The Dyson V11 Fluffy, as it stands, seems to tick all the boxes that matter, but does it truly deliver on its promises? We'll take a close look at this in the following sections of our review.

From its design and features to its filtration system and performance, the Dyson V11 Fluffy has a lot to offer. But we know that keen buyers, like you, need more than just surface information. You need in-depth insights that cover every aspect of the product, and that's precisely what we intend to provide. Let's commence our exploration of this remarkable stick vacuum cleaner.

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Design and Features

The Dyson V11 Fluffy boasts a fresh, modern design that is a clear evolution from previous models. Its sleek, streamlined look is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also enhances functionality and ease of use. The vacuum's stick design is lightweight and compact, making it easy to manoeuvre around furniture and difficult-to-reach areas.

One of the major features of the Dyson V11 Fluffy is the dynamic load sensor (DLS) system. This innovative technology automatically adjusts the motor speed between carpets and hard floors for powerful cleaning. It ensures optimal performance across different surfaces without the need to manually change settings.

Another key feature is the integrated LCD screen. This display provides real-time reporting on performance, including selected power mode and remaining run time, ensuring you're always informed about the status of your cleaning session. Furthermore, the screen also alerts users when it's time to clean the filters, which we will discuss in more detail in the 'Maintenance' section.

The V11 Fluffy is equipped with a direct-drive cleaner head. This unique feature uses stiff nylon bristles to deeply clean carpets and dislodge ground-in dirt. For hard floors, the soft roller cleaner head removes both large debris and fine dust with ease.

Comfort hasn't been overlooked in the design of the Dyson V11 Fluffy. The vacuum features an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip, reducing strain during prolonged cleaning sessions. The 'point-and-shoot' bin emptying mechanism is also a worthwhile mention, it makes disposal of dust and debris quick and hygienic.

Finally, the Dyson V11 Fluffy offers impressive versatility with its ability to convert into a handheld vacuum. This feature, coupled with the variety of included tools and brushes, makes it an all-round cleaning solution that is capable of tackling a wide range of tasks.

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When it comes to the performance of the Dyson V11 Fluffy, it is nothing short of impressive. Equipped with a powerful digital motor which can spin up to a remarkable 125,000 rpm, it ensures a robust suction capability. This high power enables the vacuum cleaner to pick up minute particles efficiently, even those deeply embedded into your carpets or stuck in hard-to-reach corners.

The Dyson V11 Fluffy also boasts an innovative feature called the 'Dynamic Load Sensor' or DLS. This technology enables the vacuum cleaner to automatically adjust its motor speed depending on the type of floor surface it is cleaning. It's an intelligent system which maximizes cleaning performance while saving battery power when it's not necessary to operate at full power.

In addition to its raw power and smart technology, another aspect that boosts the V11 Fluffy's performance is its High Torque cleaner head. This head has stiff nylon bristles that penetrate deep into carpets to dislodge ground-in dirt, while carbon fiber filaments capture dust from hard floors and crevices. Its design ensures an enhanced dust pick-up rate, making it quite effective in maintaining cleanliness in your home.

Furthermore, the Dyson V11 Fluffy makes the task of vacuuming somewhat less noisy. Despite its powerful performance, it operates at a significantly lower noise level compared to other models in the market. This reduction in noise is due to the acoustic engineering incorporated into the design, which absorbs vibrations and dampens noise, thereby providing a more peaceful cleaning experience.

The performance of the Dyson V11 Fluffy certainly sets the bar high in the realm of stick vacuum cleaners. With its powerful motor, intelligent sensing technology, High Torque cleaner head and quiet operation, it proves to be a formidable tool for maintaining a clean and comfortable home environment.

Dyson V11 Fluffy

Battery Life

One of the key points to touch upon in this review is the battery life of the Dyson V11 Fluffy. This model boasts a powerful 7-cell lithium-ion battery that supports up to 60 minutes of fade-free cleaning when fully charged and used with a non-motorized tool. This is a significant improvement over some older models and speaks to Dyson's commitment to continually refining its technology.

Of course, the actual runtime will depend heavily on the cleaning mode and tools being used. For example, when using the high torque cleaner head in Eco mode, you can expect around 75 minutes of cleaning time. However, in Boost mode, the most powerful and battery-intensive setting, the battery life can drop significantly, providing around 12 minutes of cleaning time.

Dyson's intelligent battery management system plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal battery performance. The V11 Fluffy can adapt its power distribution based on the cleaning task at hand, ensuring that your battery life is used efficiently.

One feature that sets the V11 Fluffy apart from many other stick vacuum cleaners on the market is the handy LCD screen. This screen not only provides real-time performance updates but also gives an accurate estimate of the remaining battery life. It's a helpful tool that takes the guesswork out of determining how much cleaning time you have left.

The Dyson V11 Fluffy's battery is relatively non-removable. Well... it is, but there's probably screws that need undoing. So that's not very 'hot swappable'. So you can't easily swap it out for a fresh one during cleaning sessions. However, it charges relatively quickly, reaching full capacity in approximately 4.5 hours.

So, while the battery life of the Dyson V11 Fluffy is generally impressive, it's important to manage your expectations. Depending on the type of cleaning task and the settings you use, you may need to plan your cleaning sessions to make the most of the available battery life.

Dyson V11 Fluffy

Cleaning Efficiency

The Dyson V11 Fluffy stands out in terms of cleaning efficiency. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful digital motor that gives it a remarkable suction power. It easily makes quick work of all messes, from dust bunnies to larger debris. The High Torque cleaner head with its soft roller can pick up both large debris and fine dust from hard floors with absolute ease.

This stick vacuum cleaner, unlike many others in the market, is able to adapt to different floor types. This is thanks to the Dynamic Load Sensor technology which intelligently adjusts the power between carpets and hard floors. So not only does it guarantee thorough cleaning, it also ensures that you're using just the right amount of power for every cleaning task. Now that's efficient!

Another aspect that adds to the cleaning efficiency of the V11 Fluffy is its ability to morph into a handheld vacuum. This makes it versatile enough to clean not just floors, but also above-floor areas like curtains, upholstery, and even the inside of your car. It's only a matter of seconds to switch from stick mode to handheld mode, making the cleaning process smooth and uninterrupted.

It also features the unique 'Point and Shoot' system, which allows you to empty the dust canister directly into the bin without having to touch the dirt. This thoughtful feature enhances the overall cleaning efficiency since it makes the end-of-cleaning process hygienic and hassle-free.

However, the bin capacity of the V11 Fluffy is slightly smaller compared to some other models. This means you might need to empty the bin more frequently during intensive cleaning sessions. But considering the impressive cleaning ability of this vacuum, this is a minor inconvenience that can be easily overlooked.

In sum, the Dyson V11 Fluffy scores highly in cleaning efficiency. It's not just about the power, but also the smart technology and flexibility it offers that make every cleaning task feel less like a chore.

Filtration System

One of the highlight features of the Dyson V11 Fluffy is its superior Filtration System. Equipped with Dyson's patented Whole-machine filtration, it’s designed to capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns - making it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers and pet owners. Let's delve into the details of this impressive feature.

The vacuum features a fully-sealed filtration system that works in tandem with three stages of filtration. With each stage, it effectively traps more microscopic dust and allergens inside the bin, preventing them from being released back into your home. This ensures a cleaner living space, with less dust and allergens floating in the air.

Furthermore, the V11 Fluffy uses Dyson's Cyclone technology, which generates strong centrifugal forces to fling dust into the bin rather than letting it clog the filter. This technology not only enhances the vacuum's suction power over time, but also reduces the frequency of filter maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, the filter is easily removable and washable, increasing the overall lifespan of the vacuum. Remember to dry it out thoroughly before reinserting it into the device so as not to damage the internal components. A helpful tip is to clean the filter at least once a month to maintain optimal performance. This aspect will be touched upon more in the 'Maintenance' section of this review.

In conclusion, the Dyson V11 Fluffy's filtration system is highly efficient and user-friendly. It effectively traps dust and allergens, ensuring cleaner air and surfaces in your home. This combined with the ease of filter maintenance, makes the V11 Fluffy a top contender in the realm of stick vacuum cleaners.

Dyson V11 Fluffy


The Dyson V11 Fluffy takes pride in its low-maintenance design. On average, users should only need to empty its dustbin after every few uses. Simply point the cleaner head into a trash bin, push down on the 'point and shoot' mechanism, and all the collected dust and debris gets expelled without you having to touch it. Its filter maintenance is equally hassle-free. The V11 Fluffy has a fully-sealed filtration system that traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. This filter needs to be washed once a month under cold water and left to air dry for at least 24 hours. You don't need any tools for this, and the task is straightforward. However, it's important to note that filter maintenance can vary depending on how frequently you use the vacuum and the type of debris you collect. If you're dealing with a lot of pet hair or ultrafine dust, you might need to clean the filter more frequently. You'll know when it's time because the vacuum has a filter maintenance reminder on its LCD screen. The brushroll is another component that may require cleaning. Hair and other fibres can sometimes get wrapped around it, especially with regular or heavy use. To clean the brushroll, you simply need to remove it from the cleaner head and cut away any entangled material. It's also worth mentioning that the Dyson V11 Fluffy lacks any kind of post-motor filter that would need replacing. This means that other than the dustbin, the filter and the brushroll, there's virtually no other maintenance required. In summary, the Dyson V11 Fluffy is a low-maintenance vacuum cleaner. Its easy-to-clean dustbin, washable filter and removable brushroll all contribute to a cleaning tool that is designed to save you time and effort.


The Dyson V11 Fluffy comes with an impressive array of accessories to enhance your cleaning experience. These additional components are ingeniously crafted to address every potential cleaning need you might encounter.

First on the list is the High Torque cleaner head. This multifunctional tool is adept at picking up dirt from all floor types. Thanks to its Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) system, it intelligently adapts to different floor surfaces, providing optimal suction power where needed.

Another significant accessory is the Mini Motorized tool. This is particularly useful for vacuuming upholstered furniture and mattresses. Its motorized bristles are perfect for extracting pet hair and ground-in dirt, ensuring a thorough clean.

Additionally, the Combination tool is an adaptable accessory that can be used for quick cleanups or getting into tight corners. It's also useful for cleaning delicate surfaces or more intricate areas where a gentler touch is needed.

The Crevice tool is perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach areas such as underneath furniture or between car seats. Its slender design and pointed tip ensure no dust or debris is left unattended.

Also included is the Soft dusting brush, designed with soft bristles to gently remove dust and allergens from flat surfaces and furniture. It's perfect for cleaning blinds, lampshades and electronics without causing any damage.

To round it all off, the Stubborn Dirt Brush with its stiff-bristled design is your go-to tool for dealing with more stubborn dirt on less delicate surfaces.

Each accessory can be attached or detached with ease thanks to the 'point and shoot' mechanism, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience. The variety of these tools makes the V11 Fluffy not just a vacuum, but a comprehensive home cleaning solution.

Please read on in the 'Usability' section to learn how these accessories contribute to the overall user experience.

Dyson V11 Fluffy


In terms of usability, the Dyson V11 Fluffy stands out with its user-centric design and intuitive controls. One of the most prominent features is its real-time reporting on the LCD screen. It provides dynamic performance updates, including remaining run time and maintenance alerts, which is a huge plus for users who want to manage their cleaning effectively.

Despite its powerful suction, the vacuum is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to maneuver around corners and under furniture. The ergonomic design means you won't strain your hand, even during extended cleaning sessions.

The point and shoot mechanism for emptying the dustbin is another user-friendly feature. This means you can dispose of collected dust and debris directly into your bin without having to touch it - a big plus for those concerned about cleanliness.

Changing between different cleaning modes is a breeze. With a simple click, you can switch from Eco to Auto or Boost mode, depending on your cleaning needs. This versatility adds to the overall usability of the device.

Moreover, the Dyson V11 Fluffy is equipped with advanced whole-machine filtration, capturing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. This ensures a cleaner and allergen-free home environment, making the vacuum ideal for households with allergy sufferers.

To sum up, the Dyson V11 Fluffy's usability is impressive. Its design, weight, and user-friendly features make it a reliable cleaning tool that can easily adapt to different cleaning tasks. Whether you're dealing with stubborn pet hair or dust on hard floors, the Dyson V11 Fluffy can help you manage your cleaning tasks with ease and efficiency.

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What's in the Box

Upon unboxing the Dyson V11 Fluffy, you're presented with an array of parts and accessories designed to facilitate efficient, comprehensive cleaning. The core unit comprises the handheld vacuum and cleaner head, where the real magic happens.

The device's heart is the High Torque cleaner head. This is where Dyson's powerful digital motor resides, which is responsible for the incredible suction power. It's also where the soft roller designed for hard floors is located. It captures both small dust particles and larger debris without any hassle.

Furthermore, it contains one Mini Motorized tool. This is an essential accessory for tackling ground-in dirt and hair, making it perfect for upholstery or pet owners. An additional Combination tool is also included, ideal for gentle dusting and hard-to-reach places.

Also packed within the box is a Crevice tool, designed to provide precision cleaning for narrow gaps and tight corners. A Soft dusting brush and a Stubborn dirt brush are also included for delicate and tough cleaning tasks, respectively.

Finally, the box includes a convenient wall-mounted docking station for charging and storing your vacuum, keeping it always at hand, and a charger for energising the device.

The Dyson V11 Fluffy package is truly a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs, providing a tool for every situation. Each accessory is thoughtfully designed to take the stress out of cleaning and deliver a performance that justifies its price tag.


In Conclusion, the Dyson V11 Fluffy is an impressive piece of cleaning technology that certainly brings value to its price tag. Its top-notch performance, exceptional cleaning efficiency, and superior filtration system set it apart from many other stick vacuum cleaners on the market. Without a doubt, the most standout aspect of the V11 Fluffy is its powerful suction and remarkable cleaning performance, as noted in the "Performance" section. It's this exceptional cleaning prowess that makes it perfect for tackling all sorts of dirt and debris on various floor types. While it's not the lightest stick vacuum available, the well-thought-out design and convenience features make handling and maneuvering it around your home a breeze.

The ability to transform into a handheld vacuum further adds to its versatility. However, a couple of minor design aspects may need some time to adapt, but they are forgivable. The battery life, though may not be stellar, is still decent enough to handle most cleaning tasks efficiently. And thanks to the comprehensive display, you're always in the know about how much battery life is left. One area where the Dyson V11 Fluffy truly excels is its filtration system. The fully sealed filtration system ensures that even the smallest dust particles and allergens are captured, contributing to a healthier and cleaner living environment. When it comes to maintenance, the V11 Fluffy's dust bin can be easily emptied and the filters washed. 

The overall ease of maintenance adds to the user-friendly nature of this vacuum. On top of all this, the Dyson V11 Fluffy comes with a range of handy accessories to assist you in your cleaning tasks. These make it even more practical and versatile, enabling you to tackle different cleaning challenges with ease. With that said, the Dyson V11 Fluffy is undoubtedly worth considering if you're in the market for a high-quality, reliable, and efficient stick vacuum cleaner. Its higher price might be a deterrent to some, but given its performance, features, and the brand reputation, it represents a worthwhile investment for a cleaner and healthier home.

Pros & cons


  • Powerful suction
  • Dynamic Load Sensor
  • High Torque cleaner head
  • Versatile handheld mode
  • Efficient filtration system


  • Battery life varies by mode
  • Smaller bin capacity
  • Non-removable battery
  • Higher price point

Technical specifications

Product Name Dyson V11 Fluffy
Product Type Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Motor Type Dyson Digital Motor V11
Suction Power 185 Air Watts
Battery Type Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminum Battery
Battery Life Up to 60 minutes
Filtration System Advanced Whole Machine Filtration
Bin Capacity 0.76 liters
Weight 6.68 lbs
Dimensions 50.6 x 9.8 x 10.3 inches