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"Powerful Cleaning, Effortless Maneuverability"

Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 Review

Discover the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2—a powerful, no-nonsense vacuum cleaner designed for efficient cleaning. Perfect for homes with pets or kids, it offers robust suction, a reliable filtration system, and easy maneuverability.

Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2


Alright, let's chat about the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2. If you've been on the hunt for a straightforward, no-nonsense vacuum cleaner that actually gets the job done, this might be right up your alley. This traditional vacuum doesn't come with too many bells and whistles, but it packs a punch where it counts.

First impressions matter, and this vacuum makes a solid one. It promises to handle everything from everyday dirt to more stubborn debris. Whether you've got kids, pets, or just a knack for making a mess, it's designed to handle various messes efficiently. However, there's no such thing as a perfect product, so we'll also touch on a few areas where it could potentially improve.

Let's dig into the nitty-gritty details, from its build to how it performs on different surfaces. By the end of this review, you'll have a clear picture of whether this vacuum is the right match for your cleaning needs.

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Design and Build Quality

The Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 has a sleek and modern design that immediately catches the eye. Its compact size makes it ideal for small apartments, yet it packs a punch with its performance. The vacuum is crafted with high-quality materials, giving it a sturdy feel. However, it's not overly heavy, so you can easily carry it up and down stairs without breaking a sweat.

The body of the vacuum is built to last, featuring a durable plastic casing that can withstand regular use. The cord length is generous, allowing for greater reach across rooms without constantly switching outlets. The telescopic metal tube is adjustable, so it's convenient for users of different heights. Plus, the ergonomic handle ensures that long cleaning sessions don't become a chore.

However, it's worth noting that the vacuum's attachments, while functional, feel a bit flimsy compared to the main unit. The crevice tool and dusting brush do their job, but they might not last as long as the vacuum itself. On the plus side, all the attachments can be neatly stored onboard, so you won't lose them easily.

The overall design is thoughtfully planned, making this vacuum not just efficient but also a breeze to store. The compact build means it can fit into tight storage spaces without any hassle. So, if space is at a premium in your home, this vacuum has you covered.

Performance and Suction Power

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and realize it’s spotless? That's the kind of cleanliness we’re talking about with this vacuum. The suction power on the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 is nothing short of impressive. With a colossal 700W motor, this vacuum doesn’t shy away from tackling the toughest of messes. What sets it apart is its ability to handle various floor types effortlessly. Whether you're dealing with plush carpets, hardwood floors, or tiled surfaces, the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 adapts seamlessly.

The adjustable suction feature means you can crank up the power for those heavily trafficked areas or dial it down for delicate rugs. However, it’s not just about brute force. The vacuum maintains a consistent performance, ensuring that even the tiniest dust particles are captured. This is especially helpful if you’re dealing with pet hair or fine debris that tend to lodge themselves into fabric and carpets. But let's keep it real – no vacuum is perfect. While the suction power is strong, it can sometimes become a bit too intense for lighter rugs, causing them to lift or move around. So, you might have to hold them down with one foot while vacuuming. It’s a minor inconvenience, but worth mentioning. Overall, if you’re after a vacuum that delivers powerful and consistent cleaning results, the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 certainly fits the bill. It’s like having a cleaning powerhouse at your disposal, ready to make your floors look pristine.

Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2

Filtration System

The filtration system in the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 is pretty impressive. This vacuum cleaner features a multi-layer filtration system, which means it captures dust and allergens effectively. For those with allergies or respiratory issues, this is a big plus. The HEPA filter traps even the tiniest particles, ensuring that the air expelled from the vacuum is cleaner than the air it sucks in. Pretty neat, right?

But let's break it down. The HEPA filter is a standout feature. It can capture over 99.95% of particles, including pollen, pet dander, and even some bacteria. This makes it an excellent choice for households with pets or kids, where air quality is a top concern. Plus, the filter is washable, so you won't have to keep buying replacements. Just rinse it under water, let it dry, and it's good to go again.

However, there's a bit of a downside. The vacuum's bag needs regular changing, which can add to your ongoing costs. Frequent users might find themselves replacing bags more often than they'd like. Compared to bagless models, this could feel like a hassle. But, if you're prioritizing a super clean filtration system, it's a trade-off worth considering.

Overall, the filtration system in the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 offers excellent performance, especially for allergy sufferers, but be prepared for a bit of extra maintenance with the vacuum bags.

Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2

Ease of Use and Maneuverability

The Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 scores high on ease of use and maneuverability, making your cleaning sessions less of a chore. It’s got a pretty lightweight design, so you won’t feel like you’re dragging around a ton of bricks. Plus, it comes with a long power cord, giving you plenty of reach to clean larger areas without having to constantly switch outlets. Who doesn’t hate that? An ergonomic handle is included, making it more comfortable to hold and carry around. The vacuum’s wheels glide smoothly, which means you can easily maneuver it around tight corners, under tables, and other tricky spots. It’s almost like it reads your mind!

The controls are straightforward and really user-friendly. With just a few simple buttons, you can adjust the suction power to match the type of surface you’re cleaning. Whether it's thick carpet or hard floors, you’ll get the job done efficiently. However, one minor gripe could be its size. It’s not exactly compact, so it might be a bit of a squeeze if you’re trying to store it in a smaller space. Also, while the hose is flexible, some might find it a bit on the bulky side. Overall, the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 provides a user-friendly experience with excellent maneuverability. It’s designed to make cleaning easier, though it might take up a bit more storage room than you’d like.

Noise Levels

How many times have you been startled awake by the loud roar of a vacuum cleaner? Thankfully, the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 is designed to be relatively easy on the ears. With a noise level of around 75 decibels, it's not whisper-quiet, but it’s certainly more bearable compared to some older models that sound like jet engines taking off.

If you're looking for absolute silence, this might not be your top pick. However, for regular household cleaning, its noise is quite manageable. You could still have a conversation or watch TV at a reasonable volume while cleaning. It's kind of like the difference between listening to a calm podcast and a rock concert—both are audible, but one is less likely to give you a headache.

In comparison to other traditional vacuum cleaners in its price range, the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 strikes a decent balance between power and noise. Some high-power models might offer slightly better suction but at the cost of higher noise levels. So, it’s a bit of a trade-off. However, if you live in an apartment with thin walls or have pets that get spooked easily, you might appreciate this vacuum's quieter operation.

Overall, while it doesn't make cleaning a silent affair, it certainly doesn't turn it into a noisy ordeal either.

Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2

What's in the Box

In the box, you'll find a variety of accessories and components to get you started right away. First off, there's the main vacuum unit itself, which is pretty sturdy and compact. You'll also get a telescopic metal tube, which is adjustable and helps reach those hard-to-get spots under furniture or high up on ceilings. Next up is the floorhead, designed for both carpets and hard floors. It’s a bit of an all-rounder and can switch modes easily.

Then you’ve got the crevice nozzle—perfect for those tight spaces where the regular floorhead can't go. A upholstery nozzle is also included, which is great for cleaning sofas and car seats. Additionally, there's a soft dusting brush tucked inside. It’s gentle on delicate surfaces like lampshades and keyboards.

Lastly, you’ll find a couple of replacement dust bags, which means you won’t need to shop for extras right away. While the assortment is decent, some users might feel the need for specialized brushes, like a pet hair tool, which isn't included. But overall, what you get in the box covers most basic cleaning needs pretty well.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintaining a vacuum cleaner might sound like a chore, but it doesn't have to be a big deal. With the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2, maintenance is pretty straightforward. First off, let's talk about durability. This vacuum is built to last. The outer body is crafted from sturdy materials that can handle a few bumps and scrapes. The motor is also designed for long-term use, so you won't find yourself needing a replacement too soon.

One of the highlights is the filter system. It uses a HEPA filter, which does a fantastic job of trapping dust and allergens. The best part? It's washable. Just take it out, give it a rinse, and let it dry—no need for constant replacements. This not only saves you money but also reduces waste.

As for the dust bag, it's pretty easy to replace. While some might argue that having a bag is a bit old-school, it actually helps in keeping the internals cleaner. The bag is large enough to hold a good amount of dirt and dust, so frequent changes aren't necessary.

Now, on to the brushes and attachments. These can get tangled with hair and debris. A quick clean every now and then will keep everything running smoothly. The attachments snap on and off easily, making it simple to switch between them. However, it's not all roses. The vacuum can be a bit bulky, which might make storage a little tricky if you’re tight on space. Also, while the cable is robust, it could benefit from an auto-retract feature to make winding it up a less manual task. In summary, the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 is both durable and low-maintenance. With just a bit of regular care, this vacuum can keep your home clean for years to come.

Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2

Energy Efficiency

The Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 is a standout when it comes to energy efficiency. It's designed not only to clean effectively but also to keep those electricity bills in check. The device has an impressive energy rating, which means it consumes less power while delivering the same powerful suction. However, how does it achieve this balance? The secret lies in its high-performance motor, which is engineered to use energy more effectively. This motor ensures you get robust suction without drawing excessive power. Think of it like a car engine that's tuned to give you more miles per gallon; this vacuum gives you more cleaning per watt. But, not everything's perfect. While the vacuum does an excellent job of conserving energy, it might struggle a bit with super-heavy-duty cleaning sessions. If you're constantly battling pet hair or have a sprawling mansion, you might find yourself needing to clean areas more than once.

On the plus side, this vacuum cleaner is a good pick for environmentally-conscious consumers. Lower energy consumption means a smaller carbon footprint, which is a win-win for both you and the planet. A small investment in this vacuum could mean big savings on your energy bill in the long run. In conclusion, the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 excels in energy efficiency without compromising on performance. It strikes a great balance, making it an excellent choice for everyday household cleaning.

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Overall, the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 offers a solid mix of performance and ease of use. Its robust suction power ensures that your floors and carpets stay clean, while the effective filtration system helps maintain a healthier living environment. The design is user-friendly, making it easy to maneuver around furniture and tight spaces, and it comes with a useful set of accessories to tackle different cleaning tasks.

On the flip side, the noise level might be a bit higher than some other models, which could be a concern for those sensitive to sound. Additionally, while the build quality is generally good, it's not the lightest vacuum out there, so carrying it up and down stairs might require some muscle.

In terms of energy efficiency, this vacuum cleaner doesn't disappoint, helping you keep your electricity bills in check. Maintenance is straightforward, thanks to its accessible design and durable components. With proper care, this vacuum cleaner should last you a long time.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a reliable and powerful traditional vacuum cleaner, the Bosch Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2 is definitely worth considering. It balances strong cleaning capabilities with practical features, making it a valuable addition to any home.

Pros & cons


  • Impressive suction power
  • Effective multi-layer filtration
  • User-friendly design
  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Durable build quality


  • Attachments feel flimsy
  • Regular bag changes needed
  • Can be bulky for storage
  • Noise level higher than some models

Technical specifications

Brand Bosch
Model Serie 4 ProPower BGLS4POW2
Type Bagged Vacuum Cleaner
Color Black
Power Consumption 850 W
Dust Capacity 4 liters
Filtration System HEPA Filter
Noise Level 75 dB
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 265 x 295 x 410 mm
Cord Length 10 meters
Operating Radius 12 meters
Bag Type Type G ALL
Accessories Included Crevice Nozzle, Upholstery Nozzle, Dusting Brush
Energy Efficiency Class A
Annual Energy Consumption 28 kWh/year
Special Features PowerProtect System, Adjustable Suction Power, Ergonomic Handle
Warranty 2 years