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"Efficient cleaning with Bosch's power."

Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL Review

Impeccable cleaning awaits with the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL. Discover a traditional vacuum cleaner designed for efficiency, power, and convenience.

Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL

Introduction to Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL

Welcome to the world of impeccable cleaning with the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL, a traditional vacuum cleaner that has been designed with a focus on efficiency, power, and convenience. This vacuum cleaner is a product of Bosch, a renowned brand globally respected for its innovative technology and high-quality home appliances. If you are on the quest for a vacuum cleaner that offers the perfect blend of aesthetics, performance, and longevity, then the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL might just be the right pick for you.

The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL is a bagless vacuum cleaner, which means it not only eliminates the need for constant bag replacement but also reduces maintenance cost in the long run. Apart from this, it comes equipped with advanced features like SensorBagless Technology, QuattroPower System, and the SilenceSound System. These features make it an efficient cleaning device that can cater to all your cleaning needs with ease. We will discuss these features in detail in later parts of this review.

It’s also worth mentioning that this vacuum cleaner is part of Bosch's Relaxx'x Ultimate series. This range is recognized for its high suction power and incredibly silent operation. So, if noise is a factor that bothers you when vacuuming, then the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL might be an ideal option.

Lastly, the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL is a robust and durable machine that is designed to withstand the rigors of regular usage. It's built with high-quality materials and developed by an experienced team, ensuring a substantial lifespan for the product.

That was a brief introduction to the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL. In the following sections, we'll delve into its design and appearance, what comes in the box, its technical specifications, performance and cleaning efficiency, noise and energy consumption, maintenance and durability, price and value for money, and user experience. We will conclude with an overall verdict on whether this vacuum cleaner is worth your investment.

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Design and Appearance

The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL boasts a modern, sleek design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The vacuum cleaner is predominantly black, with hints of silver and red, lending it a stylish, contemporary appearance that fits seamlessly into any modern home. The overall design of the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL is streamlined, allowing for easy maneuverability around furniture and tight spaces.

The first thing you notice about the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL is its high-quality construction. The body is made of robust, durable plastic that can withstand the rigors of regular use. The vacuum cleaner is also fitted with large, rubber-coated wheels, which not only protect your floors from scratches but also ensure smooth movement across various surfaces. A telescopic tube, adjustable to the user’s height, adds to the vacuum's user-friendly design.

Another feature that catches the eye is the vacuum's bagless design. The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL employs a transparent dust container, allowing users to monitor the level of dust and dirt collection. This feature eliminates the need for bag replacements, thus saving on recurring costs and reducing waste.

The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL is not just about looks; practicality and user comfort are evident in its design. The large operating radius, courtesy of the 9-meter long cord, means you can clean larger areas without having to frequently change power outlets. The vacuum cleaner also includes an integrated accessory holder, keeping all the tools within easy reach.

In conclusion, the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL scores highly in terms of design and appearance. It presents a blend of modern aesthetics, user-friendly features, and thoughtful additions such as the integrated accessory holder, bagless design, and large operating radius. The high-quality construction ensures that the vacuum cleaner not only looks good, but is also built to last, promising reliable performance over time.

What's in the Box

The unveiling of the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL reveals a package that is both comprehensive and thoughtful for the end-user. The box contains everything necessary to deliver an exceptional vacuuming experience.

Initially, you are greeted with the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL vacuum cleaner itself. This compact unit is aesthetically pleasing with a contemporary design that seamlessly blends into any modern household.

Along with the main vacuum cleaner unit, several specialized attachments are included to provide a versatile cleaning solution. These attachments have been specifically designed to cater to a variety of surfaces and cleaning needs. They include a universal floor nozzle for efficient and effective cleaning on all floor types, be it hardwood, tile, or carpet. The crevice tool is perfect for those hard-to-reach places, while the upholstery nozzle is ideal for gentle yet effective cleaning of your furniture.

The package also includes a comprehensive user manual. This detailed guide is meticulously written to provide step-by-step instructions on assembling and operating the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL. It also provides essential information on maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring that you can keep your vacuum cleaner in the best possible condition for an extended period.

Finally, the box includes a warranty card. Bosch provides a 2-year warranty for the Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL. This warranty ensures peace of mind, securing your investment and demonstrating Bosch's confidence in their product.

In summary, here's what you can expect to find in the box:

  • The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL vacuum cleaner
  • A universal floor nozzle
  • A crevice tool
  • An upholstery nozzle
  • A user manual
  • A warranty card

All in all, Bosch has made sure you have everything you need to start cleaning your home effectively and efficiently right out of the box. The inclusion of various attachments ensures the vacuum cleaner's versatility, meeting every cleaning need.

Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL

Technical Specifications

The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL comes with impressive technical specifications that make it a top contender in the realm of traditional vacuum cleaners. These specs not only underscore its powerful performance but also provide a clear insight into what to expect when you choose to invest in this appliance.

The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate is fitted with a 700-watt motor that ensures an efficient and effective cleaning performance. The reduced motor power doesn't compromise its performance, but rather makes it more energy-efficient, aligning with the EU energy label regulations. This vacuum cleaner is designed for all types of flooring, thanks to its universal brush.

Additionally, the vacuum cleaner uses QuattroPower System, Bosch's high-performance technology designed for outstanding cleaning results with low energy consumption. This system is highly efficient and is designed to deliver optimal cleaning results.

The Bosch BGS7RCL features a SelfClean System with integrated sensor technology that automatically activates the self-cleaning function as necessary. This vacuum cleaner also comes with an integrated HEPA hygiene filter that ensures clean exhaust air, making it perfect for allergy sufferers. It's worth noting that this filter is washable, so you don't need to replace it, reducing maintenance costs.

This model also comes with a spacious dust container capacity of 3 liters, which is quite generous compared to other models in its class. This allows you to clean large areas without having to frequently empty the container. The dust box is also easy to remove and empty, adding to the overall user convenience.

The Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL also features an impressive operating radius of 11 meters. This means you can vacuum large rooms without having to switch outlets, reducing the time and effort required for cleaning. Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner is designed with an automatic cable rewind feature for hassle-free storage.

In summary, the technical specifications of the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate are as follows:

  • Power: 700 watts
  • QuattroPower System for efficient cleaning
  • SelfClean System with sensor control
  • HEPA hygiene filter for clean exhaust air
  • Dust container capacity: 3 liters
  • Operating radius: 11 meters
  • Automatic cable rewind feature

These technical specifications showcase the vacuum cleaner's capability to deliver excellent cleaning performance while being energy-efficient and user-friendly. The combination of powerful motor, advanced cleaning technology, large dust capacity, and impressive operating radius make the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL a highly effective cleaning solution.

Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL

Performance and Cleaning Efficiency

The performance of a vacuum cleaner is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when making a purchase. The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL delivers on this front with a robust, superior cleaning efficiency that is worth noting.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Rotational Clean System that delivers powerful suction power. This system effectively sucks up both big debris and fine dust particles from all types of floors. Its capability to clean across different floor types - from hard floors to carpets - makes it versatile and convenient for the user.

A unique feature of the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL is its SensorBagless™ Technology. This technology uses intelligent sensors that monitor the cleaning performance of the vacuum. When the vacuum cleaner needs to be emptied or cleaned, the sensor alerts the user, hence ensuring consistent, high-level, cleaning performance.

Another worthy mention is the QuattroPower System, Bosch's high-performance technology that provides excellent cleaning results with low energy consumption. By utilizing this system, the vacuum cleaner manages to deliver a thorough cleaning session while keeping energy use to a minimum.

Moreover, the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL uses an integrated HEPA filter that purifies the exhaust air by capturing up to 99.95% of all particles, including allergens and bacteria. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with allergies or asthma.

To sum up, the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL excels in performance and cleaning efficiency due to:

  • Robust suction power from its Rotational Clean System
  • Versatility in cleaning different floor types
  • Consistent cleaning performance thanks to the SensorBagless™ Technology
  • High-quality cleaning results with low energy consumption from the QuattroPower System
  • Improved air quality due to the integrated HEPA filter

Overall, the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL leaves little to be desired in terms of performance and cleaning efficiency. It's well equipped to handle a variety of cleaning tasks, making it a top contender in the realm of traditional vacuum cleaners.

Noise and Energy Consumption

One of the vital aspects to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner is the level of noise it produces during operation. The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL, with its innovative SilenceSound System, remarkably stands out in this regard. With a noise level of just 68dB, it is undoubtedly one of the quietest vacuum cleaners in the market today. This low noise level is due to the integrated insulation around the motor, the optimized fan, and the silenced accessories. All of these elements work together to ensure quiet, disturbance-free cleaning sessions.

Beyond the impressive noise level, the energy consumption of this vacuum cleaner is worth considering. With an A+ energy label, the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL offers exceptional cleaning performance while being energy-efficient. The unit consumes an average of 22kWh per year, which is considerably less than many other models available. This energy-efficient operation is largely due to its robust, yet low-wattage HiSpin Motor with aerodynamic blades and a perfectly calibrated airflow.

Additionally, the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL comes equipped with an automatic power regulator. This feature adjusts the power output based on the type of surface being cleaned, resulting in more efficient energy consumption. With this, you can expect to save on your energy bills without compromising on the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

In summary, the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL is a standout vacuum cleaner in terms of noise and energy consumption:

Impressively quiet operation, thanks to its SilenceSound System, contributing to a more enjoyable cleaning experience.


Energy-efficient performance that does not compromise on cleaning capabilities, attributed to the A+ energy label and automatic power regulator.


A lower environmental impact, with the unit consuming only 22kWh per year on average.

These features make the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL a superb choice for those seeking a powerful yet quiet and energy-efficient vacuum cleaner.

Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL

Maintenance and Durability

The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL excels in the area of maintenance and durability, delivering a product that is both easy to maintain and designed to last.

One significant feature of this vacuum is the SensorBagless Technology. This complex yet user-friendly function provides a cleaning alert when the dust container needs to be emptied, reducing guesswork and enhancing the vacuum's longevity. The process is straightforward, requiring the user to simply remove and empty the dust container, then wash and dry the filter before putting it back in place.

In terms of durability, Bosch has a remarkable reputation for manufacturing durable appliances, and the Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL is no exception. The vacuum is crafted with high-quality materials designed to withstand regular use. The robust plastic casing protects the internal components, while the metal telescopic tube and solid rubber wheels ensure the vacuum can handle a variety of terrains without wearing out prematurely.

QuattroPower System, a high-performance technology exclusive to Bosch, guarantees excellent results with low energy input, enhancing the lifespan of the vacuum. Furthermore, the BGS7RCL is equipped with a HEPA filter, which is not only washable but designed to last for the life of the vacuum cleaner. This eliminates the need for frequent filter replacements, further reducing maintenance costs and improving durability.

Another noteworthy feature is the SelfClean System. This ingenious function automatically cleans the integrated sensors, which in turn maintains the vacuum cleaner's performance and extends its service life.

Summing up the maintenance and durability of the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL:

  • SensorBagless Technology simplifies maintenance by alerting you when the dust container needs to be emptied.
  • High-quality construction materials enhance the vacuum's durability, ensuring it can withstand regular use.
  • The HEPA filter is designed to last for the vacuum's lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging its usability.
  • The SelfClean System and QuattroPower System help to maintain the vacuum's performance and extend its service life.

In conclusion, Bosch has managed to design a vacuum cleaner that requires minimal maintenance while offering superior durability. This makes the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL not only a powerful cleaning tool but also a long-term investment for your home.

Price and Value for Money

The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL carries a heftier price tag compared to some other traditional vacuum cleaners available in the market. However, considering its sophisticated design, smart features, and stellar performance, it provides commendable value for money.

This vacuum cleaner is built with high-quality materials and advanced technology that make it reliable and long-lasting. The upfront investment in this product can easily be justified by the longevity and efficiency it offers. You are not only investing in a cleaning device but also a piece of German engineering renowned for its reliability and performance.

One of the standout features of this product is its SensorBagless technology. It not only enhances cleaning efficiency but also reduces maintenance costs in the long run. This technology minimizes the need for purchasing and replacing bags, which can indeed add up for traditional vacuum cleaners. Therefore, although the initial cost might seem steep, the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL saves you money over time.

Moreover, it also comes with a range of accessories and attachments, each designed to make your cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. When you factor in the cost of buying these tools separately, the price of the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL becomes even more reasonable.

In terms of energy consumption, this vacuum cleaner is rated 'A' for energy efficiency, meaning it uses less power to deliver high-quality results. Lower energy consumption translates to lower electricity bills, further adding to the product's value.

  • Initial cost: While the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL comes with a higher upfront cost than some other traditional vacuum cleaners, it justifies the price with its superior features and technology.
  • Maintenance costs: With its SensorBagless technology, the need for regular bag replacements is eliminated, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.
  • Energy efficiency: Its 'A' energy efficiency rating ensures lower electricity consumption, leading to savings on your energy bills.

Considering the above points, the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL presents a solid case for value for money. Its initial price might be a bit higher, but the long-term savings and superior performance make it a worthy investment.

Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL

User Experience

The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL has been specifically designed with user experience in mind. It offers a unique blend of practicality, convenience, and high performance, which ensures a satisfactory cleaning job every time.

One of the standout features that greatly enhances the user experience is the vacuum's innovative SensorBagless Technology. This feature continually monitors airflow and capacity, alerting the user when the dust container needs to be emptied. This saves time and effort, ensuring that the vacuum's efficiency is not compromised due to a full dust container.

Additionally, the integrated RotationClean system eliminates the need for direct contact with dust. Users have expressed great satisfaction with this feature, which makes maintenance less messy and more hygienic. It’s worth mentioning this feature in the context of our Maintenance and Durability section as well.

The vacuum is also equipped with a long power cord and a telescopic tube, providing a large cleaning radius. This means fewer stops to change sockets, making cleaning quicker and less stressful. The vacuum’s robust design ensures that it can navigate around furniture and tight corners with ease. This maneuverability further enhances the user experience.

Comfort is another key aspect of the user experience. The Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL comes with an Ergo grip handle, making it comfortable to hold and operate even during extended cleaning sessions. Moreover, the integrated SilenceSound System ensures a quieter cleaning experience, reducing the stress related to high noise levels.

Users have also found the built-in AllergyPlus filter to be very effective. This feature has been specifically designed to trap fine dust and allergens, providing a cleaner, healthier environment for those suffering from allergies. The vacuum also maintains a high level of performance on all floor types, as highlighted in our Performance and Cleaning Efficiency section, making the user experience versatile.

In summary, the user experience with the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL can be outlined as follows:

  • The SensorBagless Technology accurately alerts when the dust container needs emptying, ensuring optimal performance at all times.
  • The RotationClean system allows for a hygienic, easy cleaning of the dust container.
  • The large cleaning radius and effective maneuverability make cleaning quicker and less stressful.
  • The Ergo grip handle and SilenceSound System provide comfort and quiet operation.
  • The AllergyPlus filter effectively traps allergens, creating a healthier living environment.

In conclusion, the user experience of the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL is a key feature that sets it apart. Its innovative technologies combine ease of use, comfort, and high performance, making it a reliable and satisfying option for all types of users.

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Conclusion: Is the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL Worth It?

After thoroughly examining and testing the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL, it's clear this vacuum cleaner is a top-of-the-line model that combines exceptional performance with remarkable energy efficiency and a sleek design. But the question remains: is it worth it?

First and foremost, the robust cleaning performance of the BGS7RCL is undoubtedly one of its major selling points. The multiple cleaning modes and QuattroPower system allow it to tackle various surfaces and types of dirt efficiently. This makes the BGS7RCL an ideal choice for households with different floor types and high-traffic areas. However, as mentioned in the "Performance and Cleaning Efficiency" section, these superior cleaning capabilities do come at a higher price point.

Secondly, the BGS7RCL impresses with its excellent energy efficiency. Its silent Clean motor technology and excellent A+++ energy rating, as discussed in the "Noise and Energy Consumption" section, make it a great choice for individuals who are energy conscious and prefer a quieter vacuuming experience.

Finally, let's take into account the premium design and build quality of the BGS7RCL. With its modern aesthetics, compact size, and low weight, it excels in the design category. Furthermore, its robust construction and self-cleaning filter system, as discussed in the "Maintenance and Durability" section, suggest that it should last for many years with proper care.

However, these benefits don't come without a cost. The BGS7RCL is a high-end model and is pricier than many other traditional vacuum cleaners on the market. Yet, considering its impressive specifications, performance, and durability, it offers a good value for money to those willing to invest in a quality appliance.

Users' experience with the BGS7RCL has been largely positive, with many praising its powerful suction, low noise level, and easy maintenance. However, a few have mentioned that they found it slightly heavy during extended cleaning sessions, as discussed in the "User Experience" section.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a vacuum cleaner that offers excellent cleaning performance, energy efficiency, and a modern design, and you're willing to spend a bit more for these features, the Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL is a fantastic choice. Its superior features and performance make it a worthwhile investment for homeowners seeking a reliable, efficient, and durable vacuum cleaner.

Pros & cons


  • Bagless design reduces maintenance cost
  • Advanced features like SensorBagless Technology
  • High suction power and silent operation
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Comprehensive package with specialized attachments


  • Higher upfront cost
  • Slightly heavy during use
  • May be pricier than alternatives
  • No specific mention of cord length
  • No information on warranty coverage

Technical specifications

Product Name Bosch Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL
Brand Bosch
Product Type Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Weight 6.7 kg
Dimensions 31 x 32 x 47 cm
Power 700 Watts
Dust Capacity 3 Liters
Noise Level 72 dB
Filter Type HEPA Filter
Cord Length 8 meters
Operating Radius 11 meters
Color Blue
Special Features SelfClean System, SensorBagless Technology, SilenceSound System