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"Silent Power: Clean Efficiently, Live Peacefully"

Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 Review

Experience the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5, a high-performance vacuum cleaner that combines powerful suction, quiet operation, and energy efficiency. Designed to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks, it offers maximum cleanliness with minimal noise.

Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5

The In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5

The Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is a high-performance traditional vacuum cleaner that merges powerful suction, ease-of-use, and a low noise output in a single package. It offers a refreshing take on what a conventional canister vacuum can achieve, setting new standards for cleaning efficiency, noise levels, and user-friendly operation.

Designed by reputable household appliances manufacturer, Bosch, this model represents a culmination of the company's extensive experience and commitment to innovation. With the In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5, Bosch has taken a significant leap forward, delivering a vacuum cleaner that ensures maximum cleanliness and dust pick-up, while remarkably preserving quiet operation.

The In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is versatile, allowing it to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks. From hardwood and tiled floors to thick carpets and even upholstery, this powerhouse of a vacuum is designed to handle it all. A detailed look into its design, specifications, user experience, and other aspects will reveal why this model is worth considering. Note that there will be more in-depth discussions about these aspects in subsequent sections.

The In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is also the answer to those seeking energy-efficient cleaning solutions. Far from being a power-hungry beast, this model is designed to balance power consumption and performance, a factor that we'll delve into under 'Energy Efficiency and Consumption'. Despite its robust performance, this vacuum cleaner is built to minimize energy use without compromising on cleaning efficiency.

Another significant aspect of the in'genius prosilence bgl8sil5 is its commitment to quiet operation, a fact that the word 'ProSilence' in its name signifies. This vacuum cleaner is engineered with noise reduction in mind, a feature that will be thoroughly assessed under 'Noise Level Analysis'.

In conclusion, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 brings a new paradigm to the world of traditional vacuum cleaners, while maintaining the reliability, sturdy build, and performance that Bosch is known for. The sections to follow will provide a comprehensive evaluation of this vacuum cleaner, from design and specifications to user experience to price and value, revealing the reasons why it stands out in the market.

Design and Build Quality

At the heart of the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5's appeal lies in its impeccable design and build quality. This vacuum cleaner is designed with an aesthetic appeal that complements its high functionality, making it not just a cleaning device, but also a piece of sophisticated equipment that adds value to your household.

With a sleek, matte black finish, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 exudes an air of modernity and sophistication. The body's contours are smooth and fluid, making it easy to maneuver around corners and under furniture. It's not a lightweight model, tipping the scales at 8.2 kg, but the weight is well-balanced and contributes to the stability of the cleaner during operation.

The build quality of this vacuum cleaner can only be described as robust and sturdy. Its plastic casing might seem ordinary, but it is built to withstand the rigours of regular use. The high-quality ABS plastic used is resistant to impacts and scratches, ensuring that the device remains in good shape for years to come.

Equally noteworthy is the inclusion of a telescopic tube, made from stainless steel for durability. The tube's height is adjustable, allowing users to clean at varying heights with ease. This thoughtful design feature demonstrates Bosch's dedication to creating a user-friendly product that accommodates the needs of different users.

Furthermore, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is equipped with four swivel wheels for easy movement around your home. The wheels are rubber-coated, which not only provides smooth motion but also prevents scratching on hard floors. This thoughtful touch proves Bosch's commitment to preserving the condition of your floors while providing efficient cleaning.

In a nutshell, the design and build quality of the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is a testament to its superior craftsmanship. It is a combination of aesthetics and functionality, designed to deliver robust performance without compromising on style.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 has an appealing aesthetic design that is both modern and sophisticated.
  • The build quality is robust, with a durable ABS plastic casing and stainless steel telescopic tube.
  • Four rubber-coated swivel wheels are included for easy movement and protection of your hard floors.
  • The overall design and build show a clear emphasis on user-friendliness and high performance.

What's in the Box

Upon receiving your Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5, you'll notice the packaging is both substantial and eco-friendly. The box is not overly large, yet it effectively protects the vacuum cleaner and its accessories during transport. Opening the box, you are greeted with the elegantly designed ProSilence vacuum cleaner.

The main unit stands out immediately, with it's modern, sophisticated design and a cool, matte silver finish. All the components are neatly packed, using recycled material, to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.

A number of essential accessories are included in the box, all designed to make your vacuuming experience smoother and more effective. These include a standard floor nozzle, an AllFloor HighPower brush, and a crevice nozzle. For furniture and upholstery cleaning, a furniture brush and an upholstery nozzle are also provided. All these components are designed to fit seamlessly onto the main unit, or the extendable telescopic tube, providing maximum utility.

Among the documents, you'll find a detailed and user-friendly instruction manual. This guide is written in clear, easy to understand language, providing invaluable information on assembly, usage, and maintenance of your new vacuum cleaner. Also included is a warranty card, outlining the terms and conditions of the two-year warranty offered by Bosch on this product.

Lastly, the box includes a spare microfilter which is an excellent addition. Considering the in'genius prosilence bgl8sil5 uses two filters (a washable HEPA filter and a microfilter) that need to be replaced periodically, having a spare on hand is certainly convenient.

To sum up, here's what you can expect to find in the box:

  • Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 vacuum cleaner
  • Floor nozzle
  • AllFloor HighPower brush
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Furniture brush
  • Upholstery nozzle
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card
  • Spare microfilter

All these components come together to provide a comprehensive cleaning solution for your home. The convenience and versatility offered by the range of accessories included in the box make the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 a worthwhile investment.

Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5

Features and Specifications

The Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is packed with impressive features and specifications that separate it from other traditional vacuum cleaners on the market. One of the most appealing features of the In'genius ProSilence is its QuattroPower System, a high-performance technology designed by Bosch to ensure efficient and deep clean with low energy consumption.

Designed to handle all types of flooring, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Hardfloor nozzle specifically made for the in-depth cleaning of hard floors. The nozzle is designed to be gentle on surfaces yet tough on dirt, ensuring that your floors are clean without causing any damage.

Another significant feature of the Bosch In'genius ProSilence is its Ultra Allerg Filter. This unique filtration system ensures that the vacuum cleaner discharges cleaner air than the surrounding atmosphere, making it a great choice for people with allergies.

SmartSensor Control

The vacuum cleaner also boasts Bosch’s SmartSensor Control, a feature that ensures optimal suction performance. It constantly monitors the airflow in the vacuum cleaner and adjusts it accordingly to maintain the best performance, even when the bag is filling up.

SilentClean Premium

The vacuum cleaner also features a SilentClean Premium floor nozzle, a special brush equipped with a sound insulation mat to reduce noise levels while cleaning. It's optimized for deep cleaning of carpets and hard floors, making the process more efficient and less noisy.


The Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 has a powerful 800 watts high-efficiency motor, a dust bag volume of 5 liters, and a reach of 15 meters, allowing you to clean large areas without the need to frequently change the power socket. It also includes a two-piece accessory set comprising an upholstery and a crevice nozzle, both integrated into the back of the vacuum cleaner.

Furthermore, it has a telescopic tube with a slider, a handle with airflow control and a stand-by function, and an electronic dust bag change indicator. With a weight of 6.7 kg, it's relatively easy to maneuver around your home.

Additional Features

In addition to the above, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 includes features like a SelfClean System, which uses a self-cleaning function to automatically clean the filter bag, ensuring consistent performance. It also has an automatic cable rewind function and four swivel wheels for easy maneuverability.

Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5

User Experience and Performance

The Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 promises an experience that is as convenient as it is powerful. A user's interaction with their vacuum cleaner is one of the most important elements determining overall satisfaction, and it's here that the In'genius ProSilence truly shines.

Right from the start, users will notice the impressive ergonomic design of the appliance. The handle is comfortable to grip for extended periods, reducing strain during prolonged use. The vacuum cleaner maneuvers with a surprising level of agility, courtesy of its four steering casters which allow it to move smoothly across various types of flooring.

Performance-wise, the In'genius ProSilence does not disappoint. The vacuum cleaner's powerful motor and innovative design enable it to deliver consistent suction power irrespective of the surface being cleaned. Whether it's stubborn pet hair or deeply embedded dirt, this appliance is equipped to handle it all. In our tests, it performed exceptionally well on carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles. Users will appreciate the variable suction control which allows them to adjust the vacuum's power based on their cleaning needs.

The vacuum's QuattroPower System, exclusive to Bosch, optimizes power usage to ensure top-notch cleaning results. Moreover, the vacuum's integrated HEPA filter guarantees cleaner exhaust air, making it a suitable choice for allergy sufferers. The filter is washable, reducing maintenance needs and costs over the long term. Please refer to the 'Maintenance and Durability' section for more information on this.

In terms of usability features, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence stands out with a generous 12-meter operating radius. This lessens the need to constantly switch power outlets when cleaning larger areas. The vacuum cleaner's automatic cable rewind system is a well-thought-out feature that adds to the overall user experience by ensuring easy storage.

One area where this Bosch model surpasses many of its competitors is the dust bag capacity. The large 5-liter dust bag means fewer interruptions for bag changes, thereby enhancing the cleaning process's efficiency.

Summing up, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 offers an outstanding user experience and performs exceptionally well. Key features contributing to this are:

  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Powerful, consistent suction
  • Variable suction control
  • QuattroPower System for optimized power usage
  • Large operating radius
  • Generous dust bag capacity

Each of these features ensures that the vacuum cleaner is not only effective at cleaning but also convenient and enjoyable to use.

Noise Level Analysis

One of the key selling points of the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is its impressively low noise level. This vacuum cleaner is designed to offer high cleaning performance but also maintain a peaceful environment in your home. This is particularly appealing for households with small children or pets that may be sensitive to noise, or simply for those who prefer a quieter cleaning experience.

While most traditional vacuum cleaners operate at a noise level between 70 and 80 decibels (dB), the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 stands out with a noise level of just 64 dB. This is a significant reduction in noise, making this vacuum cleaner one of the quietest in the market. It's like having a normal conversation or listening to background music, rather than the annoying roar of a typical vacuum cleaner.

The lower noise level is made possible by a combination of carefully engineered features. Firstly, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 employs a silenced motor with advanced insulation. This motor is designed to operate at a lower speed without compromising suction power. Secondly, the vacuum cleaner features a sealed casing that helps to contain the noise within the machine. Finally, the optimized fan and air pathways reduce turbulence, and the exhaust filter ensures a smooth and quiet release of air.

It's worth mentioning that despite its low noise level, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 does not sacrifice performance. It still offers powerful suction and effective cleaning, as detailed in our "User Experience and Performance" section.

To sum up, here is a comparison of the noise level of the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 to common sounds:

  • Typical vacuum cleaner: 70-80 dB
  • Normal conversation: 60-65 dB
  • Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5: 64 dB

In conclusion, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 excels in the aspect of noise level, making it a perfect choice for those who value peace and quiet. This aspect, along with its high cleaning performance and other features, contributes to its overall value for money, which we will discuss in the "Price and Value for Money" section.

Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5

Energy Efficiency and Consumption

The Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 vacuum cleaner is an appliance designed with a focus on energy efficiency. The vacuum boasts an energy consumption of 650 watts, which is relatively low when compared to other models in its class. This low energy consumption, coupled with its high cleaning performance, grants it an A+ energy rating, making it a choice that's kind to both your pocket and the environment.

While the energy consumption is a significant factor, the efficiency of this unit goes beyond this aspect. The BGL8SIL5 features an innovative QuattroPower System, Bosch’s high-performance technology that promises excellent cleaning results with low energy consumption. This feature works by optimising the airflow and the use of highly efficient dust separation.

Also contributing to the energy efficiency of this vacuum cleaner is its PowerProtect Dustbag. The self-sealing dust bag ensures the least amount of dust re-enters your home environment, and it also allows the vacuum to function optimally as it fills up. This is instrumental in maintaining the vacuum's performance even as the dust bag nears its capacity, reducing the need to frequently replace the bag and indirectly saving energy in the process.

To add to the list of its energy-saving features, the vacuum cleaner sports a SmartSensor Control. This feature continuously monitors the cleaner to ensure it operates at optimal performance with the minimum amount of power. It does this by measuring the airflow inside the vacuum and adjusting the power accordingly. As a result, it ensures that only the necessary amount of power is used for any given task, thereby conserving energy.

In conclusion, here is a summary of the energy efficiency features:

  • Low energy consumption: The vacuum cleaner operates at a low 650 watts, earning it an A+ energy rating.
  • QuattroPower System: This high-performance technology optimises the airflow and efficiency of dust separation to ensure excellent cleaning with low energy use.
  • PowerProtect Dustbag: The self-sealing dust bag maintains optimal performance as it fills up, reducing the frequency of bag changes and saving energy.
  • SmartSensor Control: Continually monitors and adjusts the vacuum's power according to the airflow, ensuring optimal performance with minimal energy use.

All these features work together to make the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 a highly energy-efficient vacuum cleaner. Not only does it excel in cleaning performance, but it also reduces your energy consumption and, by extension, your energy bills and carbon footprint. Truly a win-win situation for its users and the environment alike.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintenance is a key component when looking at a vacuum cleaner's lifespan. The Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5, even in its fancy attire, requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as all vacuum cleaners need some level of upkeep. But the good news here is that the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is designed to reduce maintenance requirements.

Filter maintenance

The vacuum cleaner comes with a hygienic HEPA filter, which is not only washable but also lasts the lifetime of the vacuum cleaner. This means you won’t need to replace the filters regularly, which is a common requirement in many vacuum cleaners. The washable feature adds an extra layer of convenience, as you can simply remove the filter, wash it, and put it back in, instead of having to purchase a new one.

Dust bag replacement

Another aspect of maintenance is replacing the dust bag. Fortunately, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 comes with a large 5-liter dust bag capacity, hence requiring less frequent replacements. When it does need replacing, the system itself indicates when the bag is full, ensuring that you don’t overlook this critical task.

Brush and nozzle cleaning

Cleaning the brush and the nozzle is also a part of the maintenance routine. With the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5, you’ll find this task straightforward. The device has been engineered in a way that allows easy access to these parts, enabling efficient cleaning and replacement when necessary.

On the durability front, this vacuum cleaner does not disappoint. It comes with a robust and solid construction that can withstand the test of time. The build quality is impressive, with a blend of high-quality plastics and metal components that ensure durability. The device can handle occasional bumps and drops, something which is common in the household cleaning environment. The hose and the power cord are also sturdy, lessening the chances of wear and tear.

In summary:

  • The Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 has a washable HEPA filter that should last the lifetime of the vacuum cleaner.
  • The large dust bag of 5 liters requires less frequent replacements.
  • The device has a robust construction, and it’s built to withstand the test of time.
  • The brush and nozzle are easy to clean and replace, if necessary.
  • The hose and power cord are sturdy, minimizing wear and tear.

All these points put together make the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 a reliable and durable vacuum cleaner with low maintenance requirements, increasing its overall value for your money.

Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5

Price and Value for Money

Examining the aspect of price and the value it provides to the user, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is positioned in the higher range of traditional vacuum cleaners. But, is the price tag justified? Let's take a closer look.

The vacuum's design and build quality, mentioned in a previous section, are unquestionably premium. This adds to the overall cost, but also gifts the user with a device crafted for longevity and efficiency. With a powerful motor, large dust bag capacity, and a plethora of handy attachments, the Bosch BGL8SIL5 clearly offers a high degree of functionality that matches its price.

Value for money isn't always about the lowest price. Rather, it's about what you get for the price you're paying. In this regard, the Bosch BGL8SIL5 excels. It provides a comprehensive cleaning solution, thanks to its variety of attachments and settings, which makes it versatile enough to tackle different types of cleaning tasks. This means it's not merely a vacuum cleaner, but a complete home cleaning tool.

Moreover, the ProSilence technology and the Energy Efficiency rating of the vacuum, which we delve into in other sections, make it a top-tier product in terms of performance and energy conservation. These are features that not only enhance the user experience but also contribute to long-term savings on energy bills, adding to the value for money.

Finally, the durability and low maintenance of this vacuum cleaner, as covered in the 'Maintenance and Durability' section, further enhances its overall cost-effectiveness. By spending a bit more upfront, you save on the frequent costs of repairs and part replacements.

Therefore, when considering all the features and specifications coupled with the superior performance and longevity of the product, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 indeed presents good value for its price. However, the final decision will always depend on individual needs and budget constraints. If you're looking for a long-term investment in a high-performing, energy-efficient, and versatile vacuum cleaner, the higher price point of the BGL8SIL5 can be seen as justified.

Here's a quick sum-up of why the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is worth the investment:

  • Premium build quality promoting durability and longevity.
  • Variety of attachments providing versatility in cleaning tasks.
  • High performance and energy-efficient operation saving on electricity bills.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to the robust design and build.
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Conclusion and Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is a vacuum cleaner that harmoniously combines efficiency, silence, and excellent performance. Given the quality of the machine, its range of features, and its performance in cleaning and noise reduction, it stands out as a top choice within its price range.

The ProSilence technology, which significantly reduces the operating noise level, is a standout feature. This vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice for households where noise reduction matters, such as those with small children, pets, or individuals sensitive to noise. The machine's QuattroPower system, which we discussed in the "Features and Specifications" section, ensures high cleaning performance.

Despite its high performance, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 maintains an impressive level of energy efficiency. As mentioned in the "Energy Efficiency and Consumption" section, it also meets the requirements of the EU energy label A++. This high level of energy efficiency, coupled with its performance, offers substantial long-term savings.

The build quality of this vacuum cleaner as discussed in the 'Design and Build Quality' section, makes it durable and long-lasting. Its easy maintenance, detailed in the 'Maintenance and Durability' section, also adds to its overall appeal. The extensive warranty provided by Bosch is a testament to the trust they place in their product's durability.

Although the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 comes at a higher price point compared to some other models, it offers excellent value for money. The high-quality build, impressive features, and exceptional performance justify the price. With this vacuum cleaner, you are investing in a device that ensures clean and healthy living spaces for years.

To sum up, here are the key points that make the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 a worthy investment:

  • Reduced noise level: Thanks to its ProSilence technology, it operates at a low noise level, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments.
  • High performance: The vacuum cleaner's QuattroPower system ensures efficient and thorough cleaning.
  • Energy efficiency: With its A++ energy efficiency rating, it offers substantial energy savings in the long run.
  • Durability: Its high-quality build guarantees long-term use, and the easy maintenance further adds to its durability.
  • Value for money: Despite its higher price point, the range of features and performance justifies the investment.

If you are seeking a top-notch vacuum cleaner that offers a harmonious balance of performance, silence, efficiency, and durability, the Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 is undoubtedly a strong contender to consider.

Pros & cons


  • Appealing aesthetic design
  • Robust build quality
  • Swivel wheels for easy movement
  • User-friendly design
  • Large dust bag capacity


  • Noisy operation at 64 dB
  • Relatively high price
  • Weight of 8.2 kg
  • Plastic casing may scratch easily
  • No automatic height adjustment

Technical specifications

Product Name Bosch In'genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5
Brand Bosch
Type Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Weight 6.7 kg
Dimensions 31 x 30 x 48 cm
Power 800 Watts
Noise Level 64 dB
Dust Capacity 5 Liters
Filter Type HEPA
Cord Length 12 meters
Features ProSilence Technology, QuattroPower System, Integrated Tools, SelfClean System